Education is the Best Protection for Your Assets in a Volatile Market

Irvine, CA, October 20, 2008 – The past several months have brought economic conditions never before seen by this generation. Large banks, brokers and financial institutions have failed, the U.S. Congress has approved a $700 billion bailout package and global markets have seen record declines driven by fear of what this means for the future.

During these unprecedented economic times, the media, the government and traditional financial advisors have offered little guidance about what the individual investor should do. Eyal Shahar, President and Founder of Online Trading Academy, feels it is necessary for investors and traders to take action. Earlier this week Shahar released this important statement to Online Trading Academy students: “DO NOT, under any circumstance, allow the market decline to paralyze you. You must take action now.”

The need for taking action is felt strongly in all Online Trading Academy locations. Shahar’s statement continued, “During this time, you must protect your assets by educating yourself and implementing strategies that will protect and preserve your capital. There are some very specific strategies that you can employ to help you to protect your capital and generate income during a market decline. Quick, easy-to-implement portfolio protection measures include the use of Options, Exchange Traded Contra Funds, Single Stock Futures and Spread/Pairs trading. Whether you employ simple strategies to hedge against downside risk or begin an education path to understand how to be consistently must take action.”

“The market pays only the educated investors and traders...The uninformed give money back to the educated almost without exception.”
- Jesse Livermore, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Financial education is the best way to prosper during the ups and downs of the market. Therefore, Online Trading Academy is offering Free Half-Day Classes so investors and traders can take action in preserving their capital and learn how to profit in any market condition. Online Trading Academy instructors have taught individual investors and traders to preserve their capital for over 11 years and there are 27 financial education centers worldwide staffed with knowledgeable professionals ready to help you take action.

To learn more, register for a free class at But most importantly, take action, get answers and start protecting your capital.

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