Online Trading Academy's Extended Learning Track Now Gives You In-Depth Knowledge of Futures Markets

Irvine, CA, May 12, 2008 - The world’s top instructors are available to help you strengthen your trading skills in a live trading environment. Online Trading Academy has added Futures to its Extended Learning Track (XLT) family. In addition to Broad Market Analysis, Momentum Intraday Trading and Forex tracks, students can now learn how to successfully approach E-mini Futures and Commodity Futures. The futures market is the world’s most mature financial market and its high volatility makes this market more suitable for sophisticated and knowledgeable traders. Students who want to increase their understanding and confidence in the futures market and increase their profitability, now have an additional education option to grasp and master this market. Extended Learning Track – Futures is a great complement to Online Trading Academy’s E-mini and Commodities courses.

XLT – Futures students will observe Mike Baghdady, a world-class trader with over 30 years of experience, as he assesses market opportunities and conducts live trades. “It’s an opportunity to build on the concepts you learned from your on-site class, with two-hour on-line sessions that fit your personal schedule,” says Mike. The Extended Learning Track offers students a chance to look over the shoulder of a professional trader and gain insight to the theory and concepts that go into each trade. Most importantly, learning Futures through the Extended Learning Track will reduce the learning curve with real-world experience.

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