Online Trading Academy Speaks; The Media Listens

Irvine, CA, April 29, 2008 - Media practitioners are known to say “Advertising is what you say about yourself; Public Relations is what others say about you.” A good indicator of a company’s traction in the marketplace, press coverage reveals the impact of a business on the community. And in today’s world positive press coverage really stands out.

Both locally and nationally, Online Trading Academy has racked up its share of positive press coverage. One need only look at its website: to see this. Not just one, but several of the school’s instructors have been featured in high-profile national and international media. Several of its franchised locations have garnered favorable feature stories in their local communities.

Perhaps most noteworthy, John O’Donnell, the Chief Knowledge Officer of Online Trading Academy, has appeared many times on CNBC, as well as Fox Business News. He has also appeared as company spokesperson for a cover story in Equities magazine, in addition to “The Wall Street Journal”, “Barron’s” and “Investor’s Business Daily”.

“The Trader’s Journal” and “Financial Times” have profiled the growth of Online Trading Academy, as well. Press begets press, and the world-class traders on the company’s faculty have become a press magnet. Both Merlin Rothfeld and Mike Baghdady have appeared on CNBC Asia. Rothfeld’s global perspective grew out of his years as a University instructor in Italy. Brandon Wendell also appeared on CNBC Asia recently. Several members of Online Trading Academy’s faculty have authored books and spoken at financial EXPOs, as well.

On the local scene, the people stories have attracted the attention of news media in major cities. Reporters have profiled the individuals that opened Online Trading Academy locations. Several have changed careers, inspired by the company’s mission to empower people to take control of their own financial futures. Their stories have appeared in the “Chicago Daily Herald”, the “Toronto Star” and the “Charlotte Observer.” To view these stories, visit

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