Online Trading Academy: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get an Education

Irvine, CA, March 5, 2008 - You might think a school that teaches students how to trade stocks would take a downturn in a dicey market. Not so, according to the folks who run Online Trading Academy. Their managers and instructors say it’s the exact opposite for them. With broad swings in the market in recent months, more people are seeking a financial education.

Online Trading Academy’s Chief Knowledge Officer John O’ Donnell states, “You can get a financial education one of two ways—trial and error, which is very expensive, or by getting a formal education with a pro that specializes in trading. It’s a lot less expensive in the long run. You may need coaching and mentoring. Ultimately, we learn best by immersion—by actually doing. To really acquire the skill of trading, you need to do it with real money. It takes a time commitment to gain an in-depth knowledge about money management, but it’s worth it. The alternative is to be financially illiterate and leave it to a third party. Build your financial skill set and you will build your future—and that of your estate.”

“When people see their accounts going up and down, they want to learn how to do better”, expresses Online Trading Academy instructor Sal Giamarese. An experienced trader, he sees more and more students flocking to the school. New Jersey Online Trading Academy, President John Bang concurs, citing increasing enrollments.

Giamarese offers, “I tell people to get an education. The money you pay for that education is far less than you will lose in the market if you don’t get it.” Simply put, if you don’t get the education, the market will take the money. Giamarese remarks, “The smart people are getting educated.” He adds, “When real estate is down, they want to learn to make money in something else”.

Graduates have reported successful career changes after the course, trading their nine to five jobs for freedom, flexibility and fact, some have fully replaced their previous incomes in a matter of months.

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