Three Successful Online Trading Academy Students "Get Down and Dirty" About How to Make Real Money in the Stock Market

Former Real Estate Agent, Retired Businessman and Fiscally Conservative Newport Beach Resident Have All Learned the Tricks of the Trade

Irvine, CA, April 30, 2007 -- Donna Hartsoe knew nothing about the stock market when she decided to take a course with Online Trading Academy in Irvine, Calif. As a matter of fact, she would never have known anything about the stock market if it weren’t for the guy painting her home, who spends half his days as an online trader.

After talking at length with her painter, Donna read several books on day trading. It was in one of those books that she learned about Online Trading Academy. A real estate agent and licensed builder in the D.C. area, Hartsoe decided to fly to Irvine to begin her trading education that she hoped would be more fulfilling than real estate. “Because in real estate you need to rely on other people to make a deal and it can fall apart at the last minute,” she said.

Roughly one year later, Hartsoe makes her living trading exclusively because the D.C. housing market is so depressed. She consistently makes money trading on the NASDAQ. She says she owes it all to Online Trading Academy, more specifically the mentor program taught by Robb McNabb.

“As my program mentor, I got to watch McNabb trade live, study his every move and mimic him when I traded,” she said. After sitting on her hands for six months and observing, Hartsoe began to trade live using liquidated personal assets she decided to invest in herself.

“It’s not easy to learn how to trade,” she admits. “It takes tremendous concentration to analyze the patterns and trends of the market each day. But it is an extremely liberating feeling when you know you can take advantage of those patterns and make money.”

“Money is not the sole motivation for trading,” she added. “It’s all about freedom and knowing that you’ll always be able to make money without relying on someone else to make it happen.” (Donna Hartsoe, 45, Full-Time Trader, Washington, D.C.)

Gordon Peldo always tinkered in stocks until one day he heard an infomercial about a program where you could actually learn to trade. Oddly enough, Peldo signed up for the course, but woke up in the middle of the night two days later thinking he didn’t want to travel that far to go to school and the group’s personal interest in him were not convincing.

Later that same day, Peldo came across some information on the internet about Online Trading Academy. He called and talked to an enrollment counselor who made the program very understandable and asked him to come in and meet face-to-face. The school was in Irvine, Calif., very close to his home in West Lake. It was after meeting one of the instructors that Peldo decided that Online Trading Academy was the program for him! Shortly thereafter he became an Online Trading Academy student.

“It was the genuine interest they had in teaching me to trade that made the Online Trading Academy program special,” said Peldo. “It was like being associated with people who really wanted you to succeed. I can’t say enough about Online Trading Academy.”

Like many students, Peldo has actually gone through the program three times. It’s free for the rest of your life after you pay your initial fees. Peldo has also participated in the mentor program with Rob McNabb. “Through the mentoring program you learn to ease yourself into the water and how not to lose money,” he said.

Peldo began trading using his own assets in January 2007. Since then he has made a fair amount of money. His typical day starts behind the computer at 6 a.m. (PST). Peldo actively trades on the NASDAQ until around 9:30 a.m. He then runs errands, grabs a snack and hunkers down for the afternoon trading session just to study and analyze the market some more.

“I’m still learning what time of day is best to trade,” says Peldo, who actually made money the day the stock market plunged 418 points. “It’s very satisfying to know you’re smart enough to make money trading. It really liberates you to do what you want to do when you want to do it because you’re not an employee.” (Gordon Peldo, 71, Full-Time Trader, Lake Forest, Calif.)

Bob Moosmann is a conservative man, particularly when it comes to money. So why on earth he would want to learn to trade stock is truly a quandary.

“I wanted to zero in on something more tangible to help manage my money,” said Moosmann, previously a full-time real estate broker. “I wanted to see how day traders do it!” And, some 1,326 stock trades later, Moosmann is getting a pretty good idea about how it all happens.

Moosmann, who began trading in January 2006 via the Online Trading Academy program, now uses his own assets to short term trade on a daily basis. His morning starts at 6 a.m. He rarely makes a trade until 10 a.m. He says it takes that long to train your mind to see the market trends. Only then can you make an intelligent decision.

“I’m really learning a lot about who I am as an investor,” said Moosmann. “I definitely have a bullish bias. But I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve become a consistently profitable trader and I can think for myself.”

It’s not easy to learn to trade, according to Moosmann. “But in the end, it’s all about control. Do you want to begin the process of learning to control your financial future or be the effect of it? It is a process that will not be complete at the end of one course, or one year. It will take the rest of your life and will change the way you look at the evening news, the world around you, and life’s options. Best of all, the process and the change are invigorating, liberating and fun.” (Bob Moosmann, 56, Full-Time Trader, Newport Beach, Calif.)

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