Online Trading Academy FAQ Sheet

What Kinds of Classes Does Online Trading Academy Offer?

Online Trading Academy offers professional education in all trading instruments and some derivatives including Equities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s), Foreign Currency Exchange (FOREX), Futures Contracts (both Index and Commodity Trading), Options, Active Investing and Real Estate Equity Trading. Online Trading Academy also offers support classes for Technical Analysis, Broad Market Analysis, as well as group and “one-on-one” mentoring.

Where are the Online Trading Academy facilities located?

Online Trading Academy has 12 trading education facilities located around the globe to make Online Trading Academy’s style of interactive education in a trader’s community environment available to everyone. Current Online Trading Academy locations include New York, Los Angeles, Irvine, Houston, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Toronto, United Kingdom, Dubai and Riyadh. Online Trading Academy continues to grow with additional location openings scheduled in various cities in 2007.

What types of people attend an Online Trading Academy class?

Online Trading Academy’s classes cater to a wide variety of people, including both new and experienced active traders and self-directed investors. Students attending Online Trading Academy are looking to control their financial future and potentially turn trading into their primary source of income either now or at retirement. Everyone from retired businessmen to recent college graduates come to Online Trading Academy to learn the different styles of trading for financial and employment independence.

What are the pre-requisites to enter an Online Trading Academy school?

To enroll in the Professional Trader Stock Course, Forex, E-Mini Futures, Options or Commodity there are no requirements. Online Trading Academy does offer some advanced content classes that require a certain level of understanding to fully benefit from the class.

Is there any special experience needed before becoming a trader?

No, but any experience in the market would be advantageous for students. Although some background knowledge of the industry is beneficial to Online Trading Academy’s students, Online Trading Academy provides all the tools and techniques needed to fully gain a comprehensive understanding of the skill set needed to trade successfully.

What styles of trading does Online Trading Academy teach?

Most trading instruments lend themselves to all styles of trading. Online Trading Academy’s courses go to great lengths to demonstrate the spectrum of how trading is done professionally. Thus, Online Trading Academy teaches each student Momentum (short term based on supply/demand data and intra-day charting), Swing Trading (intermediate term based on technical analysis) and Position Trading (long term based on overall sentiment, technical analysis and fundamental data).

How much money does it cost to get started?

A larger account leads to a higher buying power. The higher buying power opens the door to more opportunity such as higher priced stocks or opening multiple positions. Higher priced stocks have more potential for volatility and opening multiple positions could allow a student to increase profitability when a market trend is evident. Many successful traders start with small accounts, $30,000 or less, however their risk management skills must be very good to avoid large losses. Most Broker Dealers will require a minimum of $10,000 to do investing. Depending on a student’s appetite for risk and activity level, the SEC and a Broker may require a student to have substantially more equity to participate in active trading.

How much money can a graduate expect to make with an Online Trading Academy education?

A graduate of Online Trading Academy can make as much as an education, determination and skill set allows. While Online Trading Academy cannot guarantee a student’s success, Online Trading Academy offers a step-by-step method of training …ultimately, it is up to the student to do the work and apply the skills they have learned.

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