Online Trading Academy Expands Training Through NASDAQ

NASDAQ Clients Using TotalView® Now Have Access to More Financial Insight and High-Quality Training Online Exclusively From Online Trading Academy’s Financial Training Experts

Irvine, CA, March 20, 2006 – Online Trading Academy™ today announced the completion of phase two of the strategic initiative to develop and deliver financial educational web content for TotalView®, NASDAQ's premier market data product. Beginning next week, NASDAQ's TotalView® content will be delivered through Online Trading Academy's live trading center curriculum and the web site.

NASDAQ TotalView is the best source of NASDAQ order information available, showing every quote and order in the NASDAQ Market Center at every price level. TotalView offers greater overall market transparency and 100 percent more liquidity than NASDAQ's legacy Level II within five cents of the inside market. TotalView provides the best information available to discover more trading opportunities. TotalView also supplies enhanced content regarding NASDAQ's Opening and Closing Crosses. This helps traders maintain their positions by more accurately gauging true buy and sell interest. TotalView content will include a Flash Media presentation of TotalView and tactics for its use.

Adding to the expert financial training and insight delivered about TotalView by Online Trading Academy’s expert instructors, the financial education provider has successfully produced another multi-media training version for NASDAQ clients to use in honing their financial trading skills. The new version features enhanced comparisons of TotalView in contrast to the legacy Level II, revealing more detailed Market Maker behaviors, and integrating TotalView with Technical Analysis and Indication. These additional educational materials demonstrate with exceptional clarity, the benefits and importance of trading with TotalView.

“NASDAQ recognizes the value of offering high quality education and training services to help their clients get the most out of the data they use,” said Eyal Shahar, president, Online Trading Academy. “Our financial education and highly successful training courses give our graduates an advantage in building successful stock trading portfolios. Online Trading Academy training materials offer insight into the systems and methods behind building long-term, sustainable trading success.”

Online multi-media video feeds developed and produced by Online Trading Academy are offered through The training topics support Online Trading Academy’s mission to train and educate those active traders, individuals and professionals.

In addition, Online Trading Academy will offer access to classroom and hands-on training sessions, as well as one-day seminars. Following most of Online Trading Academy’s training sessions, the company provides ongoing rights to re-take the training courses and view content on an unlimited basis.

“NASDAQ received praise and interest from our trading clients on the first version we co-developed for our website,” said Adena Friedman, Executive Vice President for Data Products and Strategy. “We want TotalView traders to have access to the best, most timely and rich content on which to base their trading activity. Given the significant growth in TotalView subscribership throughout 2005, it is important for subscribers to have the tools to help understand all of its features. Plus, with Online Trading Academy’s help, subscribers still using the legacy Level II product can better understand their exposure and advocate that their data providers bring to market the tools that the next generation of traders will demand.”

Online Trading Academy’s training experience is unparalleled, offering a unique live trading experience in the classroom, using the company’s own capital, at no risk to the student; exclusive course work developed from 150 man years of research and trading experience; and elite affiliations with leading financial firms such as CyberTrader, RushTrade and Agreements with these affiliates allow students to receive full rebates on active trades made after courses are complete, most covering complete tuition costs.

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Online Trading Academy has conducted financial and active trading training since 1997. From its headquarters in Irvine, California, the company has established and progressively developed live classes and online mentoring as its core curriculum in teaching its courses to active self-directed investors and traders. Its teaching methods evolved from the company's roots as one of the largest trading floors in the world with 180 traders who were trading over half a billion dollars of securities daily. The company sold the trading operation in 2001 and became the largest independent financial education academy in the U.S. Online Trading Academy is not a broker-dealer or a software vendor and is a completely independent training academy, committed solely to customer education. Online Trading Academy provides course content, training CDs, and webinars to over 200 financial web sites and produces customized education for numerous broker-dealers and financial companies. For more information visit

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