Online Trading Academy Begins Franchising Active Trading Training Centers

Irvine, CA, February 10, 2005 - Online Trading Academy™ announced today at the Online Trading Expo in New York City that it began franchising operations to meet public demand to provide more locations for its traders education courses. Initially, Dallas, TX will be opened in March along with a center in Dubai, UAE. Online Trading Academy will be aggressively replicating and expanding its successful business model to 100 cities worldwide over the next four years. This expansion is needed to meet the burgeoning growth of active investors and traders desiring to take control of their assets by learning the skills of Direct Access Trading.

Under the tutelage of a team of professional traders as instructors, this highly motivated group of student/traders engages the market with live real-time trading accounts using Online Trading Academy's capital. Franchisees will provide their local financial community this remarkable approach to trader education that has become the company's signature. All locations will begin to sponsor events such as free half-day classes as well as monthly, daily and weekend classes in stock, currency, options index and futures trading.

According to Bear Stearns & Company, Inc., (Symbol: BSC) in their August 2004 Report, there is a core group of active individual "Semi-Pro" traders. The report indicates that "These customers trade more than 25 times per day" and account for "78% of daily online trades and 32% of daily combined NYSE and NASDAQ share volume." While there are no statistics available as yet for other markets such as currencies, options and futures, Bear Stearns comments that "there is a heightened interest from semi-pro traders in auto execution functionality, advanced analytics, connectivity to non-U.S. markets, risk-management tools, and listed trading”. Online Trading Academy believes that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Online Trading Academy's Founder, Eyal Shahar states, "Franchising is a natural progression fueled by a growing population of self-directed investors and traders alike who want to learn the skills necessary to succeed in today's market climate without broker dependency. Our principle interest from inception is to continue to make the markets fully transparent and pass on time-tested trading skills to those who desire to gain greater intelligence with which to guide their financial decisions in placing their trades. Online Trading Academy will continue to maintain a focus on making financial education and market literacy available to the public, and this expansion will give more people increased access to our training as well as permitting geographical preference to all."

About Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy has conducted financial and active trading training since 1997. From its headquarters in Irvine, California, the company has established and progressively developed live classes and online mentoring as its core curriculum in teaching its courses to active self-directed investors and traders. Its teaching methods evolved from the company's roots as one of the largest trading floors in the world with 180 traders who were trading over half a billion dollars of securities daily. The company sold the trading operation in 2001 and became the largest global independent financial education academy. Online Trading Academy is not a broker-dealer or a software vendor and is a completely independent training school, committed solely to customer education. Online Trading Academy provides market tested course content, multimedia training CD ROM, webinars and customized education to over 200 financial web sites Some leading broker/dealer rebate the tuition to Online Trading Academy students, such as: CyberTrader, A.B. Whatley (symbol: ABWG)., RushTrade (symbol: RSHF), TradePortal, and Questrade.

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