Workshop on Online Trading Skills held at NTI

Originally published on Oman Daily Observer, April 3, 2012.

An orientation workshop on Power Trading online hosted by Online Trading Academy, a professional trading education provider, was recently given at the National Training Institute (NTI) at Al Khuwair.

The workshop gave participants seeking to trade online an opportunity to discover a complete approach to trading that promises to give them the ability to trade with the skill and confidence of professionals.

Around 25 people attended the workshop that promotes and teaches new money-making strategies for online trading.

The topics covered include: Supply and Demand (Basic), Risk management in today's market, How to become a "Market-Driven Trader", How to correctly see fundamentals and patterns in charts, How to successfully manage risk so you do not lose money, How to put emotion aside and listen to the market, and Filtering out ‘conventional wisdom’ and learn from the only true source of market insight... the market itself.

Tareq Abu Hantash, GM, Online Trading Academy, Dubai, UAE, ran the workshop and talked to the Observer about courses offered and their role in promoting online trading.

He said, the workshop and the courses provide an awareness message for people who used to jump into online trading without having any knowledge about the practice. In this way, they give students an opportunity of understanding how the big players operate in the market and build value for them by educating them prior to their commencement of trading.

Commenting on the Academy, he said, they started business operations in 1997 and, as a franchise, they have more than 35 locations worldwide with over 25,000 of their students having graduated from their courses. He added, it is the Academy’s mission to change people’s lifestyle so that they can achieve their objectives of making money and earning an income through trading. In this respect, he pointed out, it is possible for them to quit their jobs and become full-time traders.

He said, their students learn to handle two types of equities, ‘income equity’ and 'saving equity;' that is to say, short term investments and long-term trading in the market. They cover various classes of investment that include foreign exchange trading, stocks trading at NASDAQ and in local markets, commodities trading, futures contract trading and options trading, noted Hantash.

Anyone who has even the basic understanding of operating PC’s can take part in their courses, with their youngest graduate being a 13-year-old boy and others above the age of 60, he explained. Students wishing to enrol can do so here at NTI (the next session commencing on April 29) or at their Academy located at Knowledge Village, in Dubai, he added.

Online Trading Academy works in association with One Financial, NASDAQ and Mubasher.

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