Yes, You Can Trade the Markets!

Originally published in Accredited Members, Inc., December 2011.

Ever wonder why most individual investors and traders never become consistently profitable? Or settle for paltry returns, when they could do much better? Professional traders and investors at Wall Street firms consistently make huge returns - so it IS possible. Most people just don't know the professional methods that educated, professional traders and investors use. You've probably heard from Wall Street, "You can't time the market, so just buy and hold." Not true! You can time the markets if you know how to identify excess supply and demand levels on a chart, where price is likely to reverse. You can do this in advance, preparing you to avoid losses. Even better, market timing with supply and demand imbalances gives you time to plan for profits.

Why doesn't Wall Street tell individuals how to time the market? Because they need masses of people to buy and hold. They need masses of people to buy after a stock price has already gone up, when it has good fundamental ratios, and when it has a good earnings report. Where is price likely to be then? Way to high! If masses of people follow traditional fundamental or technical analysis indicators (like a moving average crossover) to trigger a buy - do you think the Wall Street traders will take the same trade? Or will they take the other side of the trade? Unfortunately, the financial industry is fraught with conflicts of interest like this. Trading and investing is an uneven playing field. The truth is that trading is simply the transfer of money from the uneducated trader's accounts into the professional trader's accounts. Which side of the equation do you want to be on?

If this is shocking, I'm sorry. The truth will set you free, but first it might tick you off. I believe in telling the truth about how markets really work and empowering people to improve their financial situations.

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