Trading Instructor Sam Seiden to Conduct Course on Market Timing

Originally published in Khaleej Times Online, April 24, 2011.

The Online Trading Academy, a leading financial education franchisor, today announced that Sam Seiden, the award-winning trading instructor, will conduct a two-day course on Market Timing in Dubai. The course will be conducted at the Academy’s Dubai campus in Knowledge Village on April 25-26, 2011. The course will begin at 6.00pm on both days.

In February 2011, Sam Seiden, who is also Online Trading Academy’s Vice President of Education, won Forex Best Awards for 2011 from in every category in which he was nominated, including Best Educator, Best Education Content: “Lesson From the Pros”, and Best Webinar. This annual awards event honors top contributors to their site,, the leading independent portal dedicated to providing complete and timely information about the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market.

The objective of the course by the master trader is to teach a simple rule based strategy that will help traders achieve your financial goals when trading any market. This is a unique strategy that Sam developed during his years on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the largest exchange in the world.

Seiden brings over 15 years of experience in equities, Forex, options and futures trading which began when he was on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He has served as the Director of Technical Research for two trading firms and regularly contributes articles to industry publications. Seiden has educated thousands of traders and investors in seminars and conferences around the world.

Tareq Abu Hantash, General Manager, Online Trading Academy, Dubai, said: “Sam Seiden’s course will teach on how to achieve consistent low risk profits from trading and investing is a challenge many millions of people take on, yet only a select few are ever able to attain.”

“Though the objective and mechanical rules for consistent low risk profits are very simple, yet the layers of illusions keep most from ever seeing and profiting from what is real in trading and investing. Seiden’s course will throw more light on this,” Hantash added.

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