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Tim Blotzer had a series of increasingly demanding management positions before he became a full time trader in 2004. His particular motivator was the need to care for an aging parent, which he could not do while holding down a full time job.

Tim felt trading was the perfect fit for his needs because there are no customers, no employees, no boss, no tenants and you can do it anywhere you can get an internet connection. He stresses the importance of consistency—like the baseball player who gets regular base hits instead of swinging for the fences and striking out—as the key to high probability returns in any economy and any market.

Tim likes being an Online Trading Academy instructor because he appreciates the integrity of the organization and its commitment to student success. He says, “I bring a lot of passion to my teaching since this has totally changed my life” and loves to recognize the accomplishments of his students and help them reach the next level.


  • BS, Personnel and Industrial Relations, San Francisco State University
  • Postgraduate certificate in Food Industry Management, University of Southern California
  • Dean’s List at both SFSU and USC
  • District Manager, Safeway Stores
  • Area Manager, Big Lots
  • Area Manager, PetsMart
  • Regional Manager, The Luggage Center


  • US Markets


  • Options


  • Platelets Donor with American Red Cross
  • Wounded Warriors Donor
  • Wrote “Why Traders Fail”, an online guide to trading psychology
  • Avid baseball fan and player (his team played in the Jr. Pony World Series when he was 12) with a dream of attending a game in every major league park (3 to go)


California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Tim is the expert on options trading. He has demonstrated that you can be a successful trader by following his and OTA trading rules. Folks if you want to be in the 10% of all traders who make money go with OTA educational systems.”

, August 2019

“The options class is definitely worth it!! Tim Blotzer is a phenomenal professor!!”

, August 2019

“This class was very informative because Tim Blotzer, instructor, covered the options class well.”

, August 2019

“Tim taught me options trading. Tim was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about what he does. He was also very humorous. Tim was very patient with us, he answered all questions whether we asked the same question more than once and that helped me to understand the concepts better. Tim inspired me to want to go out and do my very best.”

, August 2019

“Mr. Tim Blotzer makes things simple and easy to follow and gave us confidence to not give up. His method is simple and yet very effective and efficient. Thank you, OTA, for having a world class instructor like Tim Blotzer.”

, August 2019

“Tim has the most remarkable strategies for options trading I have ever experienced. Very enjoyable to listen to...and throws in a lot of learning stories as well. He knows options trading inside and out. Wow!!!”

, August 2019

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