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Swapnil Joshi has been trading the Indian Markets since 2007. He previously worked at Sharekhan Ltd in trading and risk management, then joined Online Trading Academy and became a full time trader in 2012. Within two years, with hard work and dedication, his passion for training led him to become an OTA Instructor.

He likes to point out that OTA instructors are traders themselves, which makes the course content practical and engaging. A student can learn far more from experience than from reading academic books on markets. In Swapnil’s class students will benefit from his extensive history trading equities, futures and commodities.

Swapnil feels the OTA supply and demand strategy is a revolutionary approach to trading. To become a successful trader, one has to abide by this simple strategy and follow a rules-based approach. That is his main focus when delivering a class to students.


  • Master’s in Commerce, Pune University
  • HNI Manager & Assistant Manager, Equity Sales, Sharekhan Ltd
  • Senior Trading Mentor, Online Trading Academy


  • Indian Markets


  • Stocks


  • Active involvement & management in several NGOs


Maharashtra, India

What Students Are Saying

“The demand and supply zones are truly magical. Also, Swapnil sir has been able to explain all the concepts in a very simple manner, including looking at a trend ,which to me earlier was a bit tricky. Deeply appreciate his efforts which I am sure will go a long way in making me a better trader.”

, May 2019

“It has given a new life for my trading after attending the retake with Swapnil. He guided me where I am making mistakes and what not to do!!!!!!!!”

, May 2019

“It was just a marvelous experience. The instructor explained the study in a very efficient manner and he was at his best. He was very interactive and encouraged students to participate. Made them understand everything and cleared the doubts immediately. ”

, March 2019

“I like the way which Swapnil sir used to teach students. He always used real time chats and traded in front of us, and told us to take trade but do your own analysis before taking trade, and after that he taught us why we made profit or why we got loss. His hand-holding behaviour is very good, he helped me to do trade in step by step manner, how to do? what to do? and most important, what not to do while doing trade. He also helped me to improve my trading behaviour, he quickly identify my trading behaviour and point me out what not to do while trade. Thanks Swapnil sir.”

, March 2019

“Mr. Swapnil, my instructor, has a very deep understanding about every topic he teaches. His style of teaching is very motivational. Patience and fortitude are his biggest virtues, which I now aspire to achieve. He has directed me to the path of achieving the right mindset and skills for becoming a successful and profitable trader, for which I am and will be eternally thankful. The student support staff and the IT department too were very prompt in attending to any queries that I had.”

, March 2019

“This core strategy works like magic and the way Swapnil explained is remarkable.”

, March 2019

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