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Suzy Patz is steeped in the culture of Online Trading Academy, having worked in a variety of roles starting in 2012. She started as Operations Coordinator, then rose to Corporate Travel Manager and then Education Resource Manager which involved coordinating the activities of OTA instructors to maximize their contribution. Through this experience she developed an appreciation for the real-world skills which these traders and investors bring to their roles as educators. Today, she performs the same role herself as a presenter of online content.

Suzy has traded Forex in her own accounts, and values the opportunity that a financial education can bring in giving people the skills to change their lives and achieve their goals. Her why is to create, on a global level, the ability for people to find self-confidence, peace and empowerment. Her belief in life, as well as trading, is to wake up with intentionality in each day, think about the long-term goal of what you want to accomplish and figure out what actions you will take in that day to get you there.


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California, USA

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