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Influenced by his father’s interest in the stock market, Steve Suminski started trading stocks in the early 1990s using Prodigy, an early dial-up service. He successfully traded stocks throughout that decade until the tech bubble burst in 2000. Realizing he needed training, he invested in stock and options education and began teaching across the industry in 2005.

His philosophy is ‘options give you options, that’s why they call them options’ because of the tremendous flexibility and profit potential they offer in all kinds of market conditions. Students can expect tremendous passion, experience and expertise when they come to Steve’s class. As an Instructor, he understands the awesome profit potential and joy that can result when everyday people elevate themselves to pro-level trader status.

Steve’s Why is securing his family’s financial future while also supporting charitable organizations. He believes by helping others achieve financial freedom, he is helping them manifest the gifts they are meant to share with the rest of the world.


  • BS in Computer Science, Michigan State University
  • Corporate Manager, Texas Instruments and Harris/Intersil
  • Options instructor, keynote speaker & radio guest


  • US Markets


  • Options


  • Series 7, 66, Life & Health licenses (all expired)
  • Member of the American Association of Individual Investors
  • Detroit native & avid Detroit sports fan
  • Avid supporter of Open Arms International


Oregon, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I truly enjoyed the Options class. The instructor was truly excellent; and now I have gained confidence at putting the trades, without losing my shirt.”

, October 2018

“Steve was an excellent instructor - very helpful - explanations very clear - willing to take the time to go over anything anyone was having problems with understanding. Of all the instructors I have had, Steve was by far the BEST.”

, October 2018

“Great Instructor. Extremely patient, full of knowledge. Great attitude.”

, October 2018

“I would highly recommend Steve as his humor and practical manner of working through example after example with the class really gave us the practice and the confidence to continue after leaving the class. Really appreciated his individual efforts and attention.”

, September 2018

“I was a bit nervous to take the options class, thinking I might be too overwhelmed. But Steve Suminski did a fantastic job in teaching us concepts and strategies. Core Strategy was emphasized throughout the class and, as we practiced trading options, confidence was built. He was very patient in helping us when we didn't quite "get it". Options is going to provide more opportunities to expand my trading from just futures and forex. I still have a lot to learn, but now have a solid foundation to continue learning and developing. THANK YOU, STEVE!!”

, August 2018

“I think Steve is a master in teaching. I enjoyed his teaching and learned a ton. I am very grateful that Steve shared some of his inside knowledge.”

, August 2018

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