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Steve Moses has been an active options trader since 2004, when he was dragged to a trading workshop by his wife. Once he learned to trade, options immediately became his preferred strategy. Both the leverage, as well as the ability to profit regardless of what direction the markets were moving, are what attracted Steve to options.

Steve also has a passion for teaching others how learning to trade options can increase their ability to profit in the market. As a non-financial professional, he knows how intimidating it can be for some students sitting in class, because it wasn't that long ago he sat in the same seats as an Online Trading Academy student. Now that he is an Instructor, Steve takes pride in making sure every student not only learns about how options work, and the different strategies, but that they have fun in the process.

  • Power Trader Nation
  • Mastermind Instructor
  • Instructor of the Year Award for Options


  • Degree in Theatre
  • Actor for top regional theatres, including Broadway
  • Worked in magazine publishing in advertising sales, sales training and sales management roles


  • US Markets


  • Mastermind Community
  • Options


  • Power Trading Radio guest


New Jersey, USA

What Students Are Saying

“This is my first Options class, and I took the Options class with Steve Moses. Steve is a great instructor! He's able to use real life examples to explain complex Options terms and made it much easier to understand. A few examples would be the ice cube melting and Options time decaying, air in the tire and Options volatility changes, and the list goes on and on... I really enjoyed the class and was able to place a couple wining trades within the simulated account and see how the trades played out. It was a great learning experience! I'm looking forward to taking more classes with Steve in the XLTs!”

, January 2018

“I loved this options class! After this week, I feel a lot more comfortable with the subject of trading options, which I previously thought was complex. My instructor, Steve Moses, has the ability to explain complex options theories and concepts in a way that I can understand. Above all, Steve's style of teaching is not only superbly educational, but also entertaining and very inspiring. He made the class very fun and I feel so inspired! Thank you, Steve, for all the great inspiring stories and sharing your expertise and knowledge with us!”

, December 2017

“Steve Moses made every piece of the puzzle very clear and understandable. I would take any class he teaches.”

, December 2017

“Steve Moses is truly outstanding. His knowledge, experience and his ability to communicate Options at such a mastery level is most impressive. I will definitely reach out to him in the future with my Options Trades. OTA is lucky to have him.”

, December 2017

“I've heard it said that "options trading" is "SIMPLE, BUT IT AIN'T EASY". Thank the LORD, Moses made it EASY!!”

, December 2017

“The options class was excellent. There was a lot of information to cover and our instructor, Steve Moses, used everyday life type analogies to make it understandable. Steve was very engaging and he used humor to offset the intensity of the material. I appreciated his personable style as he welcomed questions and answered them in a professional and respectful manner. I highly recommend Steve and the Options class.”

, September 2017

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