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Spencer Gorny became fascinated with trading at the start of the Great Recession. He likes the fact that a trader does not have to be tied down and can enjoy the freedom to be with loved ones. He quickly realized success would require specialized education, leading him to become first a student of Online Trading Academy and later an Instructor.

Spencer learned—and now teaches—that discipline, patience and consistency are key to positive trading results. A trading plan must be precise and clear, and also well-executed. The missing ingredient for many traders and investors is the psychology used to capitalize on the power of a success-driven mind.

Spencer feels that his greatest reward is to help students live their dream. He believes a commitment to purpose with unending desire and an organized plan of action will lead to the achievement of your ultimate goals.


  • Professional Music Business Degree, Berklee College of Music
  • Student Support Specialist, OTA Boston


  • US Markets


  • Stocks
  • Trading Platforms


  • Student Support Specialist Award of Excellence, Online Trading Academy
  • Mastermind Community Member


Massachusetts, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I took the Core Strategy class and was very impressed with the amount of knowledge I gained during the 7 days. Equally impressive was the instructor who was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about teaching and providing ongoing support both during and after classes.”

, November 2019

“The instructor stayed on course and didn't get led astray…thorough, and kept the explanations understandable. Was very responsive to everyone who had questions...verified he understood the question and answered it simply and completely.”

, August 2019

“All positive!!! Spencer is a natural at teaching and makes the classroom a great and positive learning atmosphere for everyone. Couldn't ask for a better experience, looking forward to learning more from him in the near future.”

, August 2019

“...Overall I am very glad I took this program and I am very glad I had Spencer Gorny as my Core instructor. He taught the class perfectly and was able to get the slower students on track and staying the coarse. Thank you OTA.”

, August 2019

“Spencer is an awesome instructor! Very knowledgeable and respectful to all students. Personally, that just confirms that age means nothing if you put the effort and time into your work to be successful not only in trading but in life! Thanks again OTA and Spencer Gorny!”

, July 2019

“Spencer was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and proficient in presenting the information. This information increased my confidence in proceeding in my trading. Thank you.”

, June 2019

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