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Scott Maragioglio started his trading career at a NYSE member firm in 1992, where he was lucky enough to be mentored in technical analysis and asset management by experienced money managers at the firm.

Over a 20 year career he has experienced many facets of the financial industry, working with both retail and institutional investors and on both buy and sell side trading desks. He has also provided technical research to many of the largest asset management firms and banks on Wall Street.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Scott is a strong proponent of process based trading and strict risk management. Students taking his class can expect an emphasis on the concepts of rules based trading process and rigid risk management.


  • Director of research at an equities research firm
  • Technical columnist,
  • Technical analyst at an asset management team focusing on long/short trading strategies
  • Registered representative at NYSE and NASDAQ brokerage firms


  • US Markets


  • Mastermind Community
  • Stocks


  • Certified Market Technician (CMT) 
  • Held Series 7, 4, 63, 65 licenses 
  • Member, Market Technicians Association (MTA) 
  • Member, Association of Professional Technical Analysts (AAPTA)


Florida, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Scott is a great instructor and I learned so much from him! He was energized and motivated to teach us every single day, and I was happy to be a part of his class!”

, December 2018

“Great experience. Scott did an outstanding job breaking the material down into digestible pieces and repetitive learning excersizes.”

, November 2018

“The instructor, Scott M. was very detailed and knowledgeable during the class. He made sure everyone got each concept before moving on to the next lesson. I am very satisfied. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning how the stock markets work and would like to make money, to join OTA. The reward outweighs the price.”

, November 2018

“Scott was an excellent instructor. I especially liked how he provided his experience as a trader into the class instruction to cement the core strategy concepts.”

, November 2018

“Glad I enrolled as a student here! I was a bit scared to take the class thinking I would not be able to understand a lot, but the instructor (Scott) was great and really knows what he was doing. He made it very easy to learn.”

, November 2018

“As my first introduction into trading, I really enjoyed learning the basics of Core Strategy from our instructor, Scott Maragioglio. He broke down the steps one by one and made sure we also understood the big picture and the why behind trading. I hope to jump in and apply my knowledge of core strategy to trading Forex and Futures.”

, October 2018

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