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Ryan Watkins got his start early in life as an active investor. His passion for trading would lead to his graduation from Online Trading Academy in 1999, and he immediately became a trader on one of the largest trading floors in the US. His passion for trading is evident in his teaching and love for the markets.

Ryan trades for a living and uses his real-life experiences in his teaching so that new traders limit the common mistakes and are able to accelerate the learning curve that all traders must go through. He believes in a learn-by-doing philosophy in that his students are completely immersed into the trading content not just by listening and reading, but by doing. This active learning style lets students develop their skills as traders and gain the confidence needed to become successful traders.

Students that complete the Professional Trader course with Ryan learn what it takes to truly become a consistently profitable trader. They discover what it takes to not lose money, as well as the importance of strict rule follow-through and discipline. As an Instructor, Ryan believes in creating a positive and confidence building environment for students and stresses the importance of having a strong trading foundation for students to succeed.

  • Power Trader Nation
  • Mastermind Instructor
  • Instructor Excellence Award


  • Former Vice President of training for a major QSR
  • Co-founder of a real estate and equities investment firm
  • Experienced high school teacher and college professor (business)
  • Experienced in coaching high school football and track & field
  • Founder of TheLinemenFactory.com, a private football coaching business
  • BS in Business/Entrepreneurship - Cal Poly Pomona


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Graduate Programs
  • Mastermind Community
  • Stocks
  • Trading Platforms


  • Authored in Active Trader Magazine as well as other publications
  • Guest on various radio and television programs
  • Inventor of the Day Trader Clock™ & the Day Trader Desk & Trade
  • Creator of the former internet site DayTraderProducts.com
  • Online Trading Academy Graduate
  • CES Certified

What Students Are Saying

“Outstanding Instructor. Really put the whole concept in perspective. Enjoyable class, fun and a pleasure to attend. Highly recommended.”

, May 2019

“Ryan Watkins did an outstanding job. I had him for Core Strategy as well. Especially appreciated his real world expertise and willingness to create and share important and compelling notes that were outside of the normal course material in order to help each student improve, irrespective of their current levels of knowledge and experience.”

, April 2019

“I found the class to be extremely interesting and concise. It went fast but it was clearly presented. It was helpful that Ryan had a great sense of humor to keep our attention and help us to lighten up.”

, February 2019

“I really enjoyed this class. Ryan Watkins is an excellent instructor and shared a great deal of knowledge with us that has led to profitable simulated trades during the course. I'd strongly recommend attending the futures class with Ryan.”

, February 2019

“The class had great stories and personality. At times it was more comedic than anything and yet, I feel like the content was a breeze to understand. Outstanding job, Ryan!”

, February 2019

“Prior to the class, I used to say to myself, How am I going to understand this? This is all wall street stuff; I didn't think I was cut out for that type of stuff. BUT here comes Ryan Watkins and suddenly makes everything manageable and easy to follow. GREAT teacher indeed!”

, January 2019

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