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Russ Allen decided to make his lifelong passion, trading, his full-time occupation in 2003. With extensive experience in trading, education, and business in general, he sought the highest-quality trading education he could find. This led straight to Online Trading Academy.

After graduating from Online Trading Academy, he "opened for business" and began trading full time; and has been making his living from trading ever since. Now, he is also an Instructor dedicated to helping others achieve financial independence. He does this through teaching, and writing a weekly column on options for the Lessons from the Pros newsletter.

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  • Power Trader Nation
  • Online Excellence Award
  • Instructor of the Year Award for Options


  • BA in Economics - UCLA
  • Accounting specialist and management consultant - Arthur Andersen & Co.
  • Director of Professional Training and Development - Fairchild Semiconductor
  • Managing Director - Goode & Allen, a financial systems development and consulting firm


  • Canadian Markets
  • UK Markets
  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Graduate Programs
  • Options
  • Trading Platforms
  • Wealth Management


  • President - Allen & Goode, Inc.
  • Online Trading Academy Graduate
  • Hour with the Pros author


California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Russ is worth his weight in gold. Patience of a saint!!!!!”

, April 2019

“Russ Allen is the most patient, informative instructor that I have encountered in my courses.”

, March 2019

“Having Russ as the instructor made this class very enjoyable. He is extremely knowledgeable, unbelievably patient and considerate of all the students in the class.”

, February 2019

“Russ Allen is an excellent instructor who took his time to answer questions and show real world examples.”

, January 2019

“Mr. Allen was a tremendous instructor. If you read the book he was able to explain everything, so I knew what it all was saying and was able to add his own thoughts which were very helpful. This course is done so you can really get the main drift of options and how to use them.”

, December 2018

“The method of how Russ Allen presented the material, he was having a conversation with the class and not lecturing. This is a level two class and I know from experience it is a gift to keep from being boring and elitist. Russ was just having a conversation and was great about answering questions about the immediate material; reviewing concepts when someone was having problems and was very calm and re-assuring that things will be ok; presented material that was outside the range of the class such as fielding questions about certain strategies that were not part of the curriculum and expressed his rationale why this was not a good strategy when OTA had others in the curriculum that were better. Very informative and did not make a student (me), who just royally messed up an exercise, feel bad. He merely explained why the solution was wrong and that this happens when learning is trying to occur.”

, December 2018

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