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Russ Allen

California, USA

Russ Allen has dedicated his time to his lifelong passion of trading since 2003. Already with extensive experience in trading, education, and business in general, he sought the highest-quality trading education he could find. This also led to becoming an instructor at Online Trading Academy. He continues to be a dedicated Instructor helping others and encourages his students to follow the rules-based strategy which includes the use of supply and demand zones, as well as making sure you have an adequate risk-reward ratio. He also insists that students have a trading plan.


  • BA in Economics - UCLA
  • Accounting specialist and management consultant - Arthur Andersen & Co.
  • Director of Professional Training and Development - Fairchild Semiconductor
  • Managing Director - Goode & Allen, a financial systems development and consulting firm
  • President - Allen & Goode, Inc.
  • Options Instructor of the Year 2018


  • Canadian Markets
  • UK Markets
  • US Markets


  • Options
  • Wealth Management
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