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Paul Orme has been involved in the financial markets since 1978, as an investor and since 2000, as a trader. As an executive in software firms supporting hedge funds, investment advisors, banks and insurance companies, he learned how professionals approach the market and develop their edge.

He has 12 years of experience working abroad in Hamburg, Germany, Tokyo, Japan, and in London, England, where he held executive management responsibilities for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and was in charge of revenue growth and profitability in over 20 countries. These experiences add another dimension to his understanding and desire to assist others in their quest for knowledge and success in the financial markets. He is passionate about training each student to think as a professional trader and to develop a unique trading approach which is geared to their own style and personality. Paul believes that each student should not only focus on developing trading skills, but must also gain an education to develop strategies to achieve their retirement goals.

Paul believes that Online Trading Academy provides the premier experience for developing trading and wealth management skills and confidence. The four distinct aspects critical to becoming an educated trader and investor are the cornerstones of his approach as an Instructor: 1) psychology, 2) technical analysis, 3) trading platform proficiency, and 4) dealing with probability. Paul stresses the need to explore the psychological factors that can make or break a trader, and that one must understand and think in terms of probability and risk containment. His goal is for his students to develop the discipline and confidence needed to be successful.


  • Consultant with McKinsey & Company
  • Implemented trading software at hedge funds, investment advisors, banks and insurance companies
  • Led the national launch of the first consumer interactive services company focusing on investing, information, shopping and news
  • Developed and launched Citibank’s Home Banking/Bill Payment service
  • Developed online services for Knight Rider


  • US Markets


  • Options
  • Stocks
  • Trading Platforms
  • Wealth Management


  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest


New York, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Paul was a great teacher and I found the class to be fun. He was patient and helpful when needed and he presented material in a. easy to learn fashion.”

, February 2019

“I really enjoyed the new things I have learned. I am also glad I had Paul as an instructor and that he made the class enjoyable.”

, February 2019

“Paul has a broad knowledge and is willing to answer all of our concerned questions.”

, November 2018

“Paul Orme provided excellent and very helpful tips for navigating through TradeStation. He was very patient with explaining and going over all the many things you can do in TradeStation. I will be using definitely some of those tips!”

, October 2018

“Paul did a great job teaching and working patiently with both the newest and more seasoned students. The information was great and will be most helpful in my daily trading,”

, October 2018

“Paul makes the class very open for communication, answers all questions that arise and walks us through step after step while maintaining an enjoyable learning environment.”

, September 2018

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