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A scientist by training, Nikki Sitze began trading because she wanted a flexible way to earn income while raising her child. She applied her forensic skills to learning the Core Strategy and discovered a perfect fit. As with science, changes in the financial markets happen for a reason. The successful trader learns to identify patterns and predict where price will go next.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Nikki believes the successful students are those who not only follow the rules of Core Strategy but perform post trade analysis to determine why trades did or did not work. She advises her classes not to skip steps in setting up trades because with continued repetition, over time the steps become intuitive.

Her personal philosophy is that showing up with a positive attitude will get you far in life. She embraces the opportunity to change lives through what she teaches, and her favorite classroom experience is the aha moment when a student’s question leads to a leap forward in comprehension.


  • B.S. in Molecular & Cellular Biology, University of Arizona
  • Researcher in Molecular Biotechnology, University of Washington
  • IT Professional, Microsoft, MSN, Office and Business Divisions
  • Student Support Manager, OTA Denver


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Stocks


  • Member of team that sequenced the BRCA1 breast cancer gene
  • Student Support Award of Excellence, OTA Denver


Colorado, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I had a great time learning about Forex with Nikki - she made a complex subject not only easy to understand but I had the most fun in a week learning the material! This was a game changer for me.”

, June 2019

“Enjoyed learning with my fun teacher Nikki. Amazing insight into markets.”

, June 2019

“Nikki explained core strategy clearly, patiently, and with engaging stories. The class felt like being part of a team.”

, May 2019

“NIkki's class is very informative with a touch of comedy. This allowed my husband and I to remember the daily patterns and how to locate, set and trade. This was the first class that we actually loved going home to do homework.”

, April 2019

“Nikki was an awesome Forex instructor. She really took her time with everyone on their questions and explained things in many different ways so all could understand. She then brought everything together so we could understand how this whole Forex trading works. ”

, April 2019

“Forex class was my first choice from asset classes but for sure not the last one! Nikki is an awesome trainer and teacher with a great personality. Always making sure that everyone is on the same page! Awesome! Thank you.”

, April 2019

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