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Operating a family farm, Michelle Amato has been actively involved in raising, growing and delivery of commodities since 1980, specializing in grains, milk, meats and sugar. In 1987, she began investing in individual equities and mutual funds to provide additional protection and balance for long term retirement. The more she learned, the more her interest and curiosity grew and in 2002, she added futures and options trading to her portfolio.

In September 2003, Michelle's career path changed from being a Registered Nurse to being an active trader and educator in the financial markets. As an Instructor, she enjoys helping Online Trading Academy students by contributing to Power Trader Nation Community, Pro picks, Mastermind Community and being a PTN Radio guest. Students say they enjoy Michelle's simple approach to understanding core strategy and her ability to demonstrate the application of the theories taught in class.

  • Power Trader Nation
  • Mastermind Instructor
  • Instructor of the Year Award for Futures


  • Co-owner/operator - L&M Volmering Farms
  • Associate's  Degree in Nursing, St. Clair County Community College
  • Registered Nurse
  • Trader and Mentor for financial education - Shortfalls & Longrises Trading Post LLC
  • Financial Education Trader, Instructor and Presenter - Mojo Trading LLC


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Graduate Programs
  • Mastermind Community


  • Power Trading Radio guest


Florida, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Michelle is truly an amazing instructor to have, and I'd be hard-pressed to find someone else who would outperform the job she did in being devoted to this futures class. Trading futures is a white-knuckle experience, and she always strives to see that you succeed.”

, August 2018

“The Futures class with Michelle Amato was awesome! The quality of the content/education was enhanced by her expert level of knowledge, personal history, and passion for the markets and education. ”

, August 2018

“Michelle is a fantastic teacher who teaches valuable information. She knows her product and believes in what she does and it shows in every aspect of her teaching. Thanks Michelle!”

, August 2018

“On the first day, I walked away thinking - "wow - Michelle is a tough teacher, and nothing is really adding up in my mind with the futures market." Day two... "Michelle is tough, but systematic and brilliant!" Day three... futures really began to make sense. Day four... I have a fairly decent understanding of this market... due in great part to Michelle's wisdom and ability to pass her knowledge on to others in a pertinent fashion. Day five... I am confident of my ability to navigate the futures market, grateful for the fantastic teachers (Michelle & Edmond who I had for my first futures class) and excited to put what I've learned into practice. Thank you, OTA - the more I learn, the more ready I am to take this into the markets and KILL IT!”

, July 2018

“Michelle's class on futures is the bomb! She breaks up the complicated into chunks that can be digested more easily with great real life examples.”

, June 2018

“It is refreshing to have an instructor teach the class being able to pull from a wealth of experience and the "school of hard knocks". Experience truly is the best teacher! Having the opportunity to learn from Michelle's trading & life experiences, who is authentic, transparent, and willing to share, was truly a blessing. ”

, June 2018

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