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Keith Gibson's vast experience on the exchange floor and in various banking positions gives him a depth of insight into the currency markets from almost every angle. He has literally been on all sides of the table. This exposure makes him uniquely qualified as an Instructor to speak with students from a first hand practical basis.

Keith believes in the Online Trading Academy philosophy that successful trading is a learnable skill. Having worked in the investment industry for many years, he believes that individuals should take control of their own financial future.

  • Power Trader Nation


  • Experience in several exchange floor positions in Chicago, London, Singapore, as other international markets
  • Worked on Geldermann's in-house proprietary FX trading desk
  • Dollar-mark assistant with a local Chicago bank
  • Worked with several multi-national companies, responsible for managing large currency and commodities positions


  • US Markets


  • Forex


Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I love learning to trade like the Pros! Mr. Keith Gibson was an amazing Instructor. He brought his many years of professional trading experience into the classroom.”

, August 2019

“Keith did a wonderful job explaining the different aspects of Forex, did a great job answering any questions and making sure the entire class was on the same page.”

, August 2019

“Keith shared many insightful and very helpful approaches to…increase my knowledge of Forex trading. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in the Forex market.”

, July 2019

“Having the option to take the same class from different instructors enables you to find what works for you! Keith Gibson is absolutely AWESOME!!!”

, July 2019

“Keith Gibson provided an excellent trading educational experience in our class. His combination of knowledge, patience, and positive reinforcement made for an enjoyable and profitable experience.”

, May 2019

“I enjoyed the hands on approach that Keith Gibson taught. He guided us through what we need to know by doing, doing and doing it. ”

, May 2019

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