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John McHugh began trading in high school, as a hobby with his father. After graduating from college, he worked for a variety of brokerages before running a hedge fund and finally becoming a full-time trader. Thus, he has touched all the bases that make him ideally qualified as an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

John’s extensive Wall Street experience gives him an industry insider’s perspective on what drives price movement. His goal is to share his experience with his students to accelerate their learning curve and give them a trading edge. He enjoys providing a trading desk experience in his classes to give new traders an energetic, value-filled learning environment.

John believes the fastest way for a student to achieve proficiency is to work with mentors, participate in a community of like-minded people and commit to the ongoing improvement of their craft. He is passionate about helping traders work toward their own personal hopes and aspirations.


  • B.S. Political Science, Santa Clara University
  • Broker at 2 major Wall Street Firms
  • Research Analyst for healthcare, Kemper Securities and Hambrecht & Quist
  • Research Analyst, Emerging Growth Management
  • Analyst & Portfolio Manager, Sterling Johnston Capital Management
  • Founder & Portfolio Manager, Pelican Partners


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Surfing, running & beach volleyball
  • Travel: visited 30 different countries while trading on location over past 10 years


California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Core Strategy with John was an amazing experience! I came away from the class feeling confident that if I applied the skills I was learning through OTA I will be a successful day trader. I am new to all things relating to the financial markets and I was able to understand the lessons being taught. Highly recommended.”

, November 2019

“Ron and John answer any question whether it is silly or important. They were enthusiastic, professional, friendly, funny, clear voiced, brought their expert knowledge down to new people and made us feel comfortable.”

, November 2019

“Great instructor made all the difference, especially when you get frustrated ... and you will get frustrated. John McHugh was very kind, patient and empathetic to our learning needs and pace. This was a tough boot camp and he made all the difference with our group's sessions. I would like to take XLT Core from him in the future.”

, September 2019

“I admire John greatly, not just for his clear expertise and professional delivery of the material, but for his massive amount of patience and ability to provide enthusiasm and positive energy to people who are clearly in need of it.”

, September 2019

“John McHugh was very patient and helpful in the Core Strategy online course. He encouraged everyone in the classroom and provided very helpful analogies and personal experiences. Patricia Zander and the support staff (Phillip, Chantel,...) were all top guns in the virtual environment space. Phillip called me several times over the week to make sure the virtual class experience was going well. John McHugh and the crew were stellar--interstellar!”

, August 2019

“John stayed after the class to answer questions, he was enthusiastic, professional, friendly, funny, clear voiced, brought his expert knowledge down to new people, etc.”

, August 2019

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