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Irfan Patel has been involved in the trading community for many years now, but it wasn’t until he found Online Trading Academy in 2007 that he started trading for himself.

Irfan has studied all asset classes, allowing him to accelerate his learning process and gain an understanding of how markets operate, but his preferred markets are Forex and Futures, particularly the EURUSD on an intraday and swing basis.

Trading has changed his life, and he credits Online Trading Academy with getting him where he wants to be. As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, he likes to keep it as simple as possible, teaching students to use supply and demand and price action along with strong risk management rules to generate consistent winning trades. His knowledge of the markets and his passion and enthusiasm are second to none. Most importantly, he has the ability to share this with his students and help guide them to become the traders they want to be.

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  • Mastermind Instructor


  • UK Markets
  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Graduate Programs
  • Mastermind Community


  • Online Trading Academy graduate
  • CES Certified


London, UK

What Students Are Saying

“Irfan is an excellent instructor, he explains concepts very well and makes it practical and easy to grasp these new concept. ”

, December 2017

“The instructor is very experienced and clears our questions immediately with good detailed explanations.”

, November 2017

“This is my first time sitting in a Forex class with instructor, Mr. Irfan Patel. I love his style of detailing deep into his finding of the whole process - from finding trades to closing trades. I'm an Engineer & I write formulae then execute trial and error while adjusting my factor of my written formulae, and that might be one of the biggest points that I love about his way of writing his detail by using the excel with all the formulae that really make your work so much easier during each and every trade. Great one. Regards, Lionel Phywer”

, November 2017

“Great course, Irfan is clear and professional.”

, November 2017

“Got greater understanding about the program that I took with Irfan. He was conceptually very clear and the experience he brought to the class catalysed the whole learning process.”

, August 2017

“Irfan is the instructor I'd recommend my colleagues to go to for every class. He teaches patiently and with a deep understanding of the concepts as well as practical ideas. He answers every question and every query with satisfaction, insight, and his own experience. He shares his own stories and examples and that gives us confidence that we could also learn from this, build our portfolio and our own experience. Thank you, Irfan, for your support.”

, July 2017

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