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Irfan Patel has been involved in the trading community for many years now, but it wasn’t until he found Online Trading Academy in 2007 that he started trading for himself.

Irfan has studied all asset classes, allowing him to accelerate his learning process and gain an understanding of how markets operate, but his preferred markets are Forex and Futures, particularly the EURUSD on an intraday and swing basis.

Trading has changed his life, and he credits Online Trading Academy with getting him where he wants to be. As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, he likes to keep it as simple as possible, teaching students to use supply and demand and price action along with strong risk management rules to generate consistent winning trades. His knowledge of the markets and his passion and enthusiasm are second to none. Most importantly, he has the ability to share this with his students and help guide them to become the traders they want to be.

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  • Online Trading Academy graduate
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London, UK

What Students Are Saying

“The instructor (Mr. Irfan Patel) is a really good teacher, very responsible in teaching mastery, detail; precise and easy to understand step by step process. By far, my favorite instructor in OTA.”

, October 2018

“It is always great to be part of the OTA community. I came back for the futures course with Irfan and it was great, just like the forex course I took with him. I like the fact that Irfan is very practical in his approach and he is always very helpful. The entire community, including the student counselors, are extremely helpful and everyone is just awesome! I thank God for OTA. I always look at this as having invested in myself and my future so I can trade until I am 90! Can you imagine that?!”

, September 2018

“Finally got the chance to be taught by Irfan and I've got to say, absolutely fantastic. Now, apart from teaching the usual fundamentals he'll also teach you how he marks his trades. If you're a busy person he'll teach you how to plan, set and manage the trades so that it's doesn't interfere with your normal life routine. Tips on which pairs to trade first. Also, he'll teach you some secrets which he uses that gives you the edge. You will only find this in his 5 day forex class; and I can tell you, I was amazed. Have your USB Flash drive ready when he downloads all the information from the week's course that he's taught, in case you missed out or forgot about vital information you've learnt in the class. Definitely one of the instructors I recommend for you to take the class with. Oh, and he has a very good sense of humour and that comes free of change.”

, August 2018

“Irfan explained all aspect of this class in detail and made sure that we all understood. Amazing guy and hope to take more of his classes in the future. Thanks, Irfan.”

, August 2018

“Irfan is very experienced and this came through in is teaching. Instructors who do not actively trade forex would not have gone down to the level of detail he did. There was a year's worth of material crammed into a space of one week, it was a lot to take in but, overall, it answered a lot of my questions and will definitely help me on my trading journey and forex trading.”

, August 2018

“Thank you very much, Irfan, for all the added value input and guidance, I really enjoyed attending this session and I'm sure that it will help me a lot in my trading.”

, July 2018

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