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Diana Hill has launched countless real estate investing careers over her eight years as an OTA Real Estate Instructor. Her philosophy is that real estate investing creates long term wealth and security, and that anyone can own real estate as an investment if they are willing to develop a plan and take the time and effort to see that plan through.

Students in Diana’s classes benefit from a fast-paced instructor who believes asking and doing are the best ways to learn. She has high expectations of her students and hopes they have high expectations of her. She brings extensive experience as an investor who made her first purchase in college and has controlled millions in properties over a 30-year career. She currently holds properties, from single-family rentals to Multi-Family Properties, located near her southern California home as well as across the U.S.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Accountancy, California State University Long Beach
  • Probate Real Estate speaker
  • Tax Accountant, KL&CO
  • Owner of Probate Institute, a seminar firm, for 18 years
  • Governing Board School Trustee, Los Alamitos School District (current position)
  • Developed accredited course material for CA Department of Real Estate


  • US Markets


  • Real Estate


  • Author and editor of several newsletters and blogs
  • Author of Real Estate Chronicles
  • Citizen of the Year, Los Alamitos, CA
  • Quoted as source by Fortune Magazine, Orange County Register and many other publications
  • Power Trading Radio guest


California, USA

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