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Debbie Cerjak

Indiana, USA

Debbie Cerjak began to trade the stock market in the 90's during the tech bubble. Once the bubble burst, she moved into the futures markets, and then ETF's, options and currency futures. Debbie is the creator of a custom trading indicator and the author of Trade Like a Pirate.

Debbie teaches in a down-to-earth manner to help students understand how the markets really work and help them minimize the mistakes common to beginning traders. She believes instructing reinforces discipline and rules in her own personal trading and she is excited about sharing her passion for trading with others.


  • Owner and operator of three golf courses
  • Bachelors degree in Business Administration with concentration in both Management and Human Resources
  • Beta tester for automated trading and instructor on how to use the system


  • Indian Markets
  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Graduate Programs
  • Stocks


  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Author of Trade Like a Pirate, 67 Golden Nuggets to Simplify Your Trading
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