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David Warner grew up a stone’s throw from New York’s financial district, and knew from an early age he wanted to become a trader. He started trading in 2004 and joined a stock trading club in college, leading to what he calls a “healthy obsession” with the financial markets.

David developed a focused and disciplined attitude in the Air Force, where he was not only the most awarded Airman on his base but also a trainer and educator. After leaving the service he became a broker at a Forex broker, where he managed relationships with top-level clients and institutions. He joined us as an Education Counselor in 2013, and swiftly distinguished himself for his ability to match students’ needs with their learning opportunities.

All of David’s experience came into play when he became an Online Trading Academy instructor. He believes that wealth is a mindset that can be taught, along with the skills to think and trade like a bank and financial institution.


  • Bachelors in Finance, McMurry University, first in class, winner of first ever University Business Excellence Award
  • Staff Sergeant, Education and Training Manager, United States Air Force
  • Institutional Broker, winner of global “Top Broker” Award
  • Education Counselor, Online Trading Academy


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Graduate Programs


  • Held NFA Series 3 and Series 34 Licenses


Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The Forex Trader class, specifically taught by David Warner, came highly recommended by former students. Not only did David exceed any expectations that I had entering the class, but he has truly made Forex Trading a REALITY for me! Thank you, David!”

, March 2018

“David Warner is very professional and knowledgeable in his presentation. He has a sense of humor that is enjoyable and breaks up class tension if existing.”

, March 2018

“David has a way of de-complicating the core strategy that has already had a positive impact on my trading. Core strategy is based on the behavior of institutional investors and David's price point analysis compliments the core strategy and has proven to be a very very strong odds enhancer. ”

, February 2018

“What an exceptional class. The instructor was very patient, clear and informative in transmitting information in a step by step way.”

, January 2018

“David is a Great teacher and explained everything completely. Made the class fun and time went by quickly. Loved the Class!!”

, January 2018

“David Warner is one indispensable instructor at OTA. He was fun to learn from and did not waste a second in delivering the effective way to train our brain and eyes. The way he structures trading was strictly objective and I could see how it can apply in all asset classes. Simple and effective. I hope he comes to our center more often.”

, December 2017

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