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David Warner grew up a stone’s throw from New York’s financial district, and knew from an early age he wanted to become a trader. He started trading in 2004 and joined a stock trading club in college, leading to what he calls a “healthy obsession” with the financial markets.

David developed a focused and disciplined attitude in the Air Force, where he was not only the most awarded Airman on his base but also a trainer and educator. After leaving the service he became a broker at a Forex broker, where he managed relationships with top-level clients and institutions. He joined us as an Education Counselor in 2013, and swiftly distinguished himself for his ability to match students’ needs with their learning opportunities.

All of David’s experience came into play when he became an Online Trading Academy instructor. He believes that wealth is a mindset that can be taught, along with the skills to think and trade like a bank and financial institution.


  • Bachelors in Finance, McMurry University, first in class, winner of first ever University Business Excellence Award
  • Staff Sergeant, Education and Training Manager, United States Air Force
  • Institutional Broker, winner of global “Top Broker” Award
  • Education Counselor, Online Trading Academy


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Mastermind Community


Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“David was an absolutely amazing instructor. He moved at an excellent pace and he made sure that everyone was on track and understood what was going on. He allowed us to have many examples in class to ensure that we understood the concepts he was teaching. He did very well engaging the students into the classroom. He was very helpful by introducing his routine to the class so that we can have an Idea of how to get our day started to assist us in making better informed decisions and then applying what we found to the data. I feel very comfortable with the material we learned. Thank you!”

, June 2019

“David Warner is an awesome professor and knows his stuff well. Very helpful.”

, May 2019

“I recommend you the Forex program with David Warner because he teaches you step by step very clearly and patiently, answer all of your questions.”

, April 2019

“David is a phenomenal instructor. I really enjoyed his class. He made my learning experience fun and easier to comprehend. He explains in a way that makes you grasp the information effectively.”

, April 2019

“David is very good at what he does, and for my 2nd class with him I kept learning more and his teachings are more clear. I would very much recommend his class. Thank you, David for sharing your knowledge and also the information via the flash drive.”

, April 2019

“David is very informative and thorough. Really knows his material. David is at another level. I feel honored to have taken his class. Really an asset. ”

, October 2018

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