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Craig Weil's trading career began in 1974 as a Member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, where he spent fifteen years before moving crosstown to the CME Group, where he spent another twenty years in the Futures trading pits. As a result, Craig's experience trading financial futures, equities, equity options, currencies, and agricultural futures is matched by few in the industry. His comprehensive trading career has prepared him to recognize trading opportunities in all global markets.  As a former radio show host, Craig gained insight through interviewing scores of industry leaders from all different areas of the financial community.  Craig says, "I am excited to be affiliated with Online Trading Academy. They have given me the opportunity to be an Instructor and share my lifelong career experiences with people from all corners of the world who have the same passion for the markets that I do.

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  • BA 1971, Tulane University
  • Trader's Talk Live Radio Show Host
  • Member Chicago Board Options Exchange 1974-1989
  • Chicago Board of Trade 14 years
  • Member Chicago Mercantile Exchange 1989-2009


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Graduate Programs
  • Stocks


  • Registered Investment Advisor
  • Guest on various Chicago Media Programs
  • Head of CB Financial LLC
  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Numerous articles published for The Options Insider
  • DVD "Trading Discipline: Secrets of a Professional Trader"


Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The futures program is very interesting and challenging. Mr. Weil is patient and knowledgeable and willing to assist all students. He teaches in a clear, efficient and enjoyable manner. I'm so happy to have been able to attend his class and look forward to applying what I've learned.”

, April 2018

“I came into this class not knowing how to read a chart; by the time this class was over, I not only know how to read a chart but I learned how to find supply and demand zones, trend, the curve and how to analyze the chart. Thanks to my instructor, Craig Weil.”

, April 2018

“Loved Craig Weil; easy to understand and a willingness to help.”

, March 2018

“Very detailed and able to satisfy the Core Strategy designs and intentions. Craig Weil was both personal and professional in his delivery style, and kept me motivated and alert to learn the subject matter and used great examples to make his points clear. The program has opened up my curiosity and desire to continue learning more ways to achieve my Why.”

, March 2018

“I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoyed this course and how much I learned. - Craig Weil is extremely knowledgeable and KNOWS how to express/relate this knowledge in a manner easily understood. - He is very patient and has the ability to teach to people of all levels and ability. - It is very evident that he enjoys his role as an instructor and I feel very honored and privileged to have had Craig as my instructor and look forward to taking a Futures course with him. ”

, March 2018

“Craig Weil is great instructor and the Phila center is the best.”

, February 2018

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