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In trading, as in life, how you think determines the results you achieve. For Corey Lane, a dramatic shift in thinking resulted in a change in careers and subsequent financial success. As a drummer in a band signed to a major record label, Corey was following his dream of being a musician but was frustrated with the financial turmoil associated with the music industry. A good friend and accomplished trader introduced him to the markets, and thus began Corey's quest to learn all he could about trading. This led him to Online Trading Academy.

Corey has experience in trading equities and E-mini futures, but focuses most of his attention on the incredibly flexible and versatile world of options trading. With his keen understanding of options, volatility, and advanced strategies, he is not only able to profit in all market conditions, but he has the ability as an Instructor to take this complex information and present it in an easy-to-grasp manner, accelerating students' learning curve. 

“Students quickly sense that I am passionate not only about the markets, but I'm equally passionate about the impact I may have on their future success in the markets,” states Corey. He strongly believes that 99% of being successful in the markets depends on risk management, and he teaches the Online Trading Academy tools developed to manage investments while protecting capital. Corey says, “As an instructor, I find that I constantly challenge myself to exceed students' expectations. Great teachers have had a measurable impact on my growth as a trader, and it's gratifying for me to provide the same for Online Trading Academy students.”

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California, USA

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