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Cameron Kaiser

Wyoming, USA

Cameron’s first exposure to Cryptocurrency was in 2010 when he bought some Bitcoin for 8 cents.

Since that time, he has dedicated himself to looking at the big picture and evaluating the monetary system, along with trading and investing. He focuses on Futures, Options and Cryptocurrency. Students will quickly recognize that Cameron has extensive knowledge of this asset and is able to dive into the technology behind the different cryptos and the potential they have to revolutionize certain industries.  

His teaching style is to take an inherently complex topic and break it down into digestible pieces that students can grasp. The part he enjoys most is getting to interact with the students and seeing them excited about the topics covered.

He is also an explorer, world traveler, snowboarder, and mountaineer in his spare time. This sense of adventure, he believes, is a quality needed for participating in the Crypto culture. 


B.S. in Political Science & Government – University of Wisconsin Eau Claire; Hospitality Management, Retail Marketing, Futures, Options & Cryptocurrency Trader; Online Trading Academy Student; Online Trading Academy Student Support Specialist and General Manager


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Options
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