The world of digital assets and cryptocurrency is exciting. And, can be rewarding. But, it can also be very risky. Before you take on that risk, you should understand what you’re doing. You wouldn’t drive a car or swim in the ocean without taking driving or swimming lessons. Get started on the right path.

STEP 1. Foundation

Crypto Foundations

This complimentary course will give you a basic understanding of the vast digital asset world.

We’ll cover the history of money and cryptocurrency, understanding blockchain technology, the rise of DeFi, 5 steps to using cryptocurrency, transacting.


STEP 2. Knowledge

Digital Assets

This on-demand course takes a deeper dive into the exciting world of digital assets, cyptocurrency, blockchain technology, and risk management.

We’ll cover mining, public addresses and private keys, forks consensus algorithms, destruction and emission rates, public ledgers and much more!


We invite you to enjoy these first free lessons to get you started. As you move through these lessons, you should be thinking about how digital assets fit into your investment strategies. Are you looking to create passive income or actively trade?

For 25 years, Trading Academy has been crafting a financial education path experienced by more than 85,000 students. Your journey will follow a similar route of foundations, knowledge, and skill -building.

Step 1. Start now with your free crypto foundation class

Welcome to Crypto Foundations


Welcome to your Crypto Foundations class. This video will kick off your journey.

How Cryptocurrency Works

Lesson 1

Learn about the role and the interdependencies of the 5 key components used in cryptocurrency projects.

Understanding Blockchain Technology

Lesson 2

Explore how and why blockchain came to be, and it’s potential impact on currency as well as other applications.

The Transaction Process

Lesson 3

We will cover the basics of buying, storing, transferring, spending and converting cryptocurrency back to cash.

Trading Cryptocurrency

Lesson 4

Before diving into any cryptocurrency opportunities, be aware of these tools and resources that are available to you.

The History of Money and Cryptocurrency

Lesson 5

Take a brief walk through the history of money, from bartering to Bitcoin, and learn how currency has evolved over time.

The Rise of Defi

Lesson 6

Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is already having an impact. In this lesson we’ll learn about some popular projects.

Step 2. Digital Asset Class

Digital Assets Overview: Retail Price $995

The OnDemand Digital Assets course takes a deeper dive into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, starting with a strong foundation of risk management and building on the basics of market structures and transactions. With more than 11,000 currencies and projects in the realm of digital assets—and growing fast--we’ll explore key considerations to make when analyzing and considering an asset. The course covers topics such as mining, public addresses and private keys, forks, consensus algorithms, destruction and emission rates, public ledgers, smart contracts and much more.