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We're proud to serve our community by offering you the best in financial education at our state-of-the-art center. Since 1997, Online Trading Academy has been committed to teaching the skills you need to make smarter investment decisions by using our Patented Supply and Demand Strategy. Trade with the confidence of the pros as you learn from experienced, professional traders who deliver personalized hands-on instruction. We're just five miles inland from the beautiful beaches and the warm ocean, just southwest of I-95 and west of Palm Beach Lakes Blvd on Village Blvd. Look for our center behind Sun Trust Bank and Renegades. ...Learn more.

We invite you to join us for an upcoming course or workshop. Our experienced instructors and staff are here to help you achieve your financial goals. As an Online Trading Academy student, you’ll become part of a community of traders and investors committed to success.

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What Our Students Are Saying

“Love the program. Be prepared to learn a lot. Stay focused, take notes, get plenty of sleep, keep your head in the class because I can equate this class to this analogy: Let's say you know 20 words in French and maybe 2-3 sentences. You can ask for the fish in a restaurant and where the post office/hotel/bar is located, etc. So you think "I got this" and you take an advanced French class with a Naturalized French speaker. Suddenly you find the teacher is teaching an entire discourse on Einstein's theory of relativity... In French! Suddenly you realize that your "Bon jour" and "S'il vous plait" that you used with such flair in that restaurant last night means absolutely nothing now! You are humbled but you learn a lot. Mainly you learn that you didn't know Sh** and thank heaven there's a place like OTA who stays with you, holds your hand and supports you, till you "get it" so you can eventually (& hopefully) turn around and help others until they "get it". To put it another way, they have not just created a standard class model but have expanded on that concept to create a community whose members enjoy sharing, trading, learning AND teaching with openness, transparency and engagement mixed with empathy for those who didn't understand Einstein's theory, even in English!”

, November 2016

“After extensive research on trading schools, there is nothing that can touch OTA!”

, October 2016

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Online Trading Academy West Palm Beach, FL

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