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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“Quinten was great and the class was excellent. Not even a power outage could slow him down! Brian D.”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“Imparting knowledge with immense "Passion" and bountiful energy is truely contagious making the audiance to want to pay close attention and learn. Repeating the important concepts at least twice and sometimes even three times is tremendously helpful. ”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“A wise decision made by me to get onto the right track by taking the admission in online trading academy. A great course to learn and great teachers to teach that”

Dubai, UAE Core Strategy Part 2 - Dubai

“This class has opened my eyes and given me the motivation and encouragement to continue to follow my goal of creating a secure and improved quality of life for myself and my family. Reggie's teaching style and deep insights made it clear to me that if I commit to improving my Forex trading knowledge and skills, all things are possible.”

New York, NY Forex

“Michelle never fails to amaze with her knowledge, professionalism and presentation. Truly the best.”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“OTA is far best the greatest school I've ever attended with all the instructors and staff who are loving and caring to make sure that we're on the right track to being one step closer to success in trading.”

New York, NY Forex

“I'm learning to safely make money on the Forex platform.”

Chicago, IL Forex

“Online Trading Academy is the best place to learn to trade-worth every penny! C.Winter”

Tampa Bay, FL Core Strategy Class

“I came to OTA with my husband, because he's always been interested in finances, while I knew virtually nothing about the market or trading. These classes have awakened a personal desire to learn more, and have given me the confidence in myself that I can. I'm beyond excited to keep learning and practicing the techniques we're shown. The staff and support offered are exceptional. - Tamara MacD.”

Seattle, WA Futures

“This program introduces us to the stock market in a way that makes it real, and gives us the tools to successfully navigate trading. I am grateful for the work OTA does, and look forward to continuing my education.”

Seattle, WA Futures

“I left the class feeling as if I walked out with a better understanding of how market timing works. the instructor was great. I originally walked into the class with little confidence however, based on the information that I received while attending class I am very confident about my abilities as a trader in the Forex market.”

Norwalk, CT Forex

“The class made the instruction matter very easy to understand. There was plenty of "hands-on" training and the instructor seemed truly interested in not leaving anyone behind. Dean”

Charlotte, NC Core Strategy Class

“Absolutely excellent instructor. Highly knowledgeable. Patient, and clearly experienced in what he does. I am not sure if I would take this course with anyone else! ”

Dubai, UAE Professional Futures Trader - Dubai

“The futures class was amazing! Irfan connected all the topics well for us to immediately start trading in the demo.”

Dubai, UAE Professional Futures Trader - Dubai

“Online Trading Academy has given me the exact insight and knowledge i needed to give me confidence to enter the trading world. With this Im sure ill be able to further my financial goals.”

Dubai, UAE Professional Futures Trader - Dubai

“yes i enjoyed lot, friendly instructor , ”

Dubai, UAE Professional Futures Trader - Dubai

“Good course with very high knowledge ”

Dubai, UAE Professional Futures Trader - Dubai

“The Core Strategy curriculum provided not only the technic used for successful trading but the emotional and psychological awareness required to allow me to stick to the rules when trading. ”

Atlanta, GA Core Strategy Class

“Scot Stokes has been an outstanding instructor. He has explained the Core Strategy clearly and has helped me to better understand how to place my trades.”

Baltimore, MD Core Strategy Class

“Online Trading Academy gave me something that money cant buy, confidence and support, so yes it's a great place to learn to trade but it's more than that. The owners and the staff are genuine and knowledgeable from the top down and for that i am grateful. Dmitry Zhukovin OTA student for life!”

Ridgefield Park, NJ Core Strategy Class

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