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Student Ratings and Reviews

Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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Based on 140,634 reviews

“The approached used by the instructor in teaching the subject was simple and easy to understand and absorbed.”

Marietta V. San Jose, CA Futures

“I am glad that we have this in class review of the online prepwork. It helped clear up some of the gaps.”

Jeffrey Z. Minneapolis, MN Pro Trader Class

“I got an eye opening experience taking this corse.”

Lemlem G. Toronto, Canada Pro Trader Class

“OnLine Trading Academy has an absolute wealth of knowledge that can be life changing, IF you are willing to take the time and make the effort to listen and learn the CORRECT way to trade. The pleasant surprise is that EVERYONE on staff wants you to succeed and will take as much time as needed to help you make progress. The knowledge levels and attitudes of the Instructors, Coaches and Support Staff is second to none. They know what they are talking about because they live it every day, and WANT you to learn it and be successful. - Will Mack Atlanta, GA”

William M. Atlanta, GA Futures

“I am diving into the homework of learning and familiarizing myself in the terminology, navigation, and techniques of OTA. While I am eager to move through the training, I am finding it more important to move at a pace that ensures my understanding and comfort are at a high level to be prepared and ready to buy or sell in a trade. For me this is key, because I am a risk taker and this provides the right balance. OTA saw this from the start with me, so when they say they want there training to be a fit for both them and the student, they aren't kidding. If you listen and have discipline, then you will learn and I see they truly care about my success.”

Mike B. Dallas, TX Platform Immersion Part 1

“Fantastic options course. Instructor went through the fundamentals of how to structure trades to avoid mistakes. There is always risk in the markets but this course helps you avoid the most common that will cost.”

Bill D. New York, NY Options

“very imformative”

Russell B. Raleigh, NC Pro Trader Class

“I am retired and was wondering what to do with the time on my hands. The information in this course has given me a clear path forward. thanks much Del”

Deloyd C. Phoenix, AZ Pro Trader Class

“I apprecaite the initial focus on the basic/fundamentals and am excited to move forward. -Kristin”

Kristin C. Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“Tilly is very patient and willing to ensure each student understands material prior to moving to next subject.”

Chris P. Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“I have always been an individual who wanted to learn a little something of everything and everything of something and I think this fits the bill as far as short term trading is concerned. Tom B”

Thomas B. Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“Its exciting to know that there is a way to earn money without having to commute an hour each day to get to work. Jeff Sawyer”

Jeff S. Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“I recommend this class to others who are sincerely interested in trading.”

Shirley S. Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“Dan explain the course very good”

Deonaraine R. Pro Trader Class

“The opportunity for a career move, security from the economy, and an alternative income / wealth growth, this course is invaluable. Michael Conklin”

Michael C. Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“ The Forex Class is my first course with the Online Trading Academy and Louise Carr did an excellent job in teaching my class how to trade the markets. The course is very well structured throughout and i am glad i took this step and hope i can use this education to better my life and enjoy trading.”

Roshan B. UK Forex

“ The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful and was very good at explaining how to use the trading platform. I only wish the session had lasted a bit longer but then i knew i would be able to continue learning more once i start the Forex course. ”

Roshan B. UK FXCM Quickstart

“This is a "Futures Made Easy" session with Mitchell Volmering”

Kingsley O. Atlanta, GA Futures

“all I can tell you is I have taken pro-trader, forex and futures but haven't traded live to see it work first hand. I believe the system works but haven't seen it yet in my own trades, so ill give you a review when I go live. ”

Willis R. Atlanta, GA Futures

“Jody Wong is simply the best "technical" teacher at OTA. It does not surprise me that every OTA location would like to have him teach at their branch. I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend his class. I now feel much more confident in my ability to become consistently profitable trading the Forex market. Thank you Jody, Paul L'Esperance”

Paul L. Vancouver, Canada Forex
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