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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“Edwin Devulapally Academy program is well suited for me.”

Edwin D. Dallas, TX

“This strategy is far more effective than fundamental and technical analysis. HSK”

George K. Seattle, WA Pro Trader

“I am so happy with the experience I am having at OTA, I would recommend it to everyone how wants to learn about the financial markets, there is not a better place to go than Online Trading Academy”

Victor G. Houston, TX Pro Trader

“I have looked at many trading programmes and the only one i am really impressed with is Online trading academy”

John B. Toronto, Canada

“I would feel more comfortable writing something like this when I am further into my education with the academy.”

Sarah E. Atlanta, GA

“I am really excited to be a current student at OTA and most of all to be a part of this community. Although, this is all new for me; the instructors are very knowledgeable and very patient in their teachings. They welcome questions and are eager to answer them as well as share their experiences regarding trading. You feel a real sense of sincerity, in that, they want you to succeed and encourage graduates to give back and help other students. Looking forward to a brighter future! Sandra J. ”

Sandra J. Austin, TX Pro Trader

“Awesome training! The core system is brilliance on top of vast experience on top of good solid common sense, and fortified with instructors who were there for the love of sharing it. --Andrew Allaire”

Andrew A. San Jose, CA Pro Trader

“I feel as though I have a new family guiding me into my new world of financial security.”

Gail E. Denver, CO Pro Trader

“I am just beginning to learn how to trade the financial market. By attend Online Trading Academy, I have broadening my knowledge and ready begin trading. The instructors with Online Academy are extremely experience in the profession and provide the students with a wealth of practical knowledge not found in any book. In a nutshell, my finance knowledge has increase 100% by attending the academy. I will definitely recommend any interested person to attend Online Trading Academy. Lawrence Tilong”

Lawrence T. Denver, CO Pro Trader

“I liked Craig Weil.He knows a lot of the detail and is confident and a good teacher.Questions were answered and taken.”

Kenneth S. Houston, TX Pro Trader

“Pamela Collins I enjoyed the program because it opened my eyes as to how money moves and what the different trade platforms mean. ”

Pamela C. Seattle, WA Pro Trader

“I Love OTA and what education they have to offer. Pro Trader Core Strategy class was amazing and informed me better on when to buy and sell in all market conditions.”

Lamar L. Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Pro Trader

“It was a great class very understanding. the instructors really helpful and can't wait to get into trading once i'm ready. i would definitely recommend this to people. ”

Cirilo G. Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Pro Trader

“I have traded in the past, sometimes with great outcomes and sometimes with very poor outcomes. I knew that I needed a system, and the system that is taught at Online Trading Academy is great! It gives you step-by-step instructions that are very simple to follow, but they still let you know that you have to learn how to use them. All of the instructors I have been with have been outstanding, and I can't wait to take my next class! - Bryan Holman”

Bryan H. Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Pro Trader

“By learning more about how TradeStation works, the whole picture of how to successfully trade is starting to come together.”

Ron F. Atlanta, GA

“The personal trading plan class I took on Saturday was awesome and really got me motivated and helped me plan out my future goals! Lenita L. Hunt Atlanta”

Lenita H. Atlanta, GA

“Michelle, did an outstanding job presenting the materials. She answered all the questions. Vince Pesce”

Vince P. Atlanta, GA Futures

“This program is content rich and very challenging. Yet OTA does an amazing job teaching the material. They have great support along the way and are engaged in helping you succeed. They have many, many tools online and on campus to help you be successful. You CAN do it and they WILL help. Cherie Dawson ”

Cherie D. Atlanta, GA Futures

“Core Strategy demystifies trading and provides students with fundamental knowledge essential to managing risk and increasing the probability for successful outcomes. David Gonzalez ”

David G. Dallas, TX Pro Trader

“Jon knows his material. He understands how to teach. He teaches, reviews, and applies. Then he gives you to opportunity to ask questions and try out what he is teaching. He's one of the best teachers; period.”

Dan P. Norwalk, CT Futures
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