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Student Ratings and Reviews

Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“Roger Best = the Best! He is not only very knowledgeable but entertaining. He is simple and direct. Answered questions clearly. ”

Irvine, CA Pro Trader Class

“I would recommend it to anyone, but I also recognize that it is not for everyone (lack of discipline, short term focus, little passion, etc)”

Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“The class was very enjoyable. It was taught in a very professional manner, but yet easy to follow and interesting. Thorough explanations and real world examples are very helpful. James”

Dallas, TX Pro Trader Class

“I Loved the class. The information presented in the Student Orientation and Core Strategy videos were confirmed an experienced and seasoned trader. These classes also showed the commitment of OTA to their students, by having an instructors of such high quality discuss the basics with those of us who are new to Trading. Jay B Menke”

Washington DC Pro Trader Class

“Made working on FXCM easy!”

UK FXCM Quickstart

“The instructors and support staff were very knowledgeable and Patient. I especially love that the information given in class. is done in a way that is easy to understand. ”

Atlanta, GA Pro Trader Class

“I am very pleased with my training and the experience I have had in the classroom at Online Training Academy. The class was informative, engaging and really fun too! The knowledge of the instructor seems endless. I will definitely be back for more again and again. Scott Ullrich”

Minneapolis, MN Pro Trader Class

“Clinton did a very fine job in presenting the material and answering all questions.”

Atlanta, GA Platform Immersion Part 1

“I thought I had been an investor (and a trader) for 17 years, prior to becoming aware of OTA and taking the core strategy course. Now I realize I was gambling with my savings and retirement accounts. Through the course I am actually developing investing and trading skills for the first time. The instructors have opened my eyes and shown me that there are solid methods to trading that one can learn and master. They have done it before me. I am grateful that OTA has found me through direct mail to my home. I was not looking and was not aware that these skills are available to the average person. I had incorrectly assumed that one gains these skills only by becoming a stock broker or an investment banker. Thank you for finding me and giving me the opportunity to learn to grow my savings & retirement accounts. Thank you also for the opportunity to learn to become an independent earner. Our society is less of a community now and I can not count on it to support me during my retirement and old age. Since OTA has been around for almost 20 years, I wish I knew about it earlier. I am sure it would have helped me to get through 2001 and 2008 recessions in one piece! With best regards, Majid Farmanfarmaian”

San Jose, CA Pro Trader Class

“The information is presented in an organized and interesting way. Learning a great deal and looking forward to making trades.”

Atlanta, GA Platform Immersion Part 1

“OTA has, far and away, met my expectations for introducing me to the world of trading. From the minute I walked onto the campus I could tell it was a first class operation and they haven't let me down. While, obviously, you're responsible for taking advantage of the tools they provide for preparing for the classes, the staff, coaches, and instructors are always ready, willing, and able to help you achieve the results you're looking for. Mike Caudell”

Atlanta, GA Pro Trader Class

“The course has a vast of information to be absorbed and learned ( especially for me who does not have any background in financials and works in a totally different profession ) it was overwhelming first 2 days . I took it as a personal challenge to pursue and finish the course and so grateful that I did otherwise I would have lost a golden opportunity to get the best education in the industry. Nowhere I will find the best instructor, Tillie Allison and the best resources available except at OTA.”

Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“Given that I'll be taking several classes, I'll save my testimonial til I get more classes, and put this education to work! ”

Atlanta, GA Pro Trader Class

“The information was enlightening as to how we have not been informed on how to properly manage our own money for long term sustainability. The eagerness from the staff to assist and the amount of support provided for new learners is impressive. The committment to success is evident when the individual puts forth the effort to learn and work.”

Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“I appreciated being in a small group. The presentation was paced well and the presenter( Ben) went over anything that might be complex to under stand first time round. We were given examples of good and not so good trading plans.”

UK Personal Trading Plan

“I've enjoyed it so far and am excited for the next 5 days!”

Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“Steve Misic was very patient in answering all questions and very knowledgable. He made the material easy to comprehend.”

Chicago, IL Pro Trader Class

“The Pro-Trader Part 1 course was packed with tons of great information and insight for anyone interested in becoming a trader or investor. The class was taught by Scott who is a professional trader and shared information his first hand knowledge of what it takes and how to avoid the many mistakes and pitfalls of the novice trader. Thanks! Jesse”

Long Island, NY Pro Trader Class

“Great Class. The structure and layout of the curriculum was laid out in a way that flowed really well. I liked how the reinforced important topics and points throughout the class. I would highly recommend this course. They took a complex industry and simplified it down into concepts that were very easy to understand for a person not involved in the trading industry. -Anthony ”

Philadelphia, PA Pro Trader Class

“20 years in the business and still going can't be wrong! Everyone at OTA have been polite, fun and most owe it to yourself! -Lawris II & Lawris III”

Phoenix, AZ Pro Trader Class
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