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“OTA is a great academy that really teaches you "how to fish" in the financial market instead of just "getting fish" from someone.”

“The online program is very well structured and super user friendly.”

“The PAI class is essential for anyone who wants to invest and protect their funds (or retirement funds) and be able to gain substantial returns from it. The knowledge gained opened up new perspectives on how your funds could be better managed with better protection while making gains.”


“OTA is the most appropriate academy to help students to get money from wall street. Besides, it is the only one of the worldwide academy, (due to my nomad conditions, I am enable to learn in US, Jakarta and Singapore for several classes with no more payment needed). They prepare 24 hour service on helping us to create money from them. Our duty is just follow and trade to create money, then study step by step to understand the way of thinking all of OTA's professionals around the globe.”

“Newly learned skills can be implemented immediately. Especially to Non-Trader background like me, will be very useful. Will continue to learn from XLT to improve on it.”

“OTA is a professional learning organisation with top class instructors. It doesn't stop there as students will have access to continuous learning from the instructors and help from the staff at the academy.”

“The program has taught me that I have been trading wrongly all along and I feel that joining OTA is the best decision I had made in life.”

“The program is very well structured and content rich. The centre is very clean. All the staff is very supportive. The course is very well designed and structured, and the materials are very well organised and easy to understand. Jeff is a patient and engaged instructor with great passion to impart knowledge to all his students.”

“I have had lots of frustration with the stock market with more misses than hits due to a lack of proper education. This is the first time that I feel I am attending a school on trading--proper trading lessons, with qualified teachers, and support. I feel equipped progressively.”

“At Online Trading Academy, they teach you what the professionals really do, and teach you to be one. The support we have from them is great and tremendous. They have a lot of instructors to teach you that you can form your own trading style. They teach you the truth and real stuff, and why market price turns.”

“It has opened up the gate to my trading career and shown me the path to becoming financially successful.”


“At Online Trading Academy, they have a lot of experienced instructors to teach/coach me on location as well as online. The instructors trade live in front of the class and it's all real money. I'm happy to be in this community.”

“I get to learn some additional tips and professional wisdom on top of textbook materials given.”

“It is really a paradigm shift from the conventional way of looking at stock investments. We are really appreciative how they simplify a rather highly technical topic. Now I can look at the charts comfortably and confidently. Also, we really appreciate their effort to come out of their way and provide food and course materials to our son who sat in during our class.”

“I can say that OTA is teaching us the real world of buying and selling anything and everything. We do this every day, buying low and selling higher with a profit, or when things get expensive we don't buy and when there is a sale we grab the things that we want to buy and we feel happy doing it.”


“If you want to be different from the other retail traders, this is it. By learning the core strategy I am able to anticipate the market movements. And Bill Henner did a great job as an instructor. He made sure everyone understood the core strategy and he was patient with everyone. He made the classes interesting by sharing with us his life experiences. THANKS!!!”

“I find the key tools OTA prepared for us (reference cards, checklist and worksheets) extremely thoughtful, and very helpful to get us newbies organised. This then helps make our practice effective and comprehensive.”

“Friendly Staff.”

“I believe Online Trading Academy is the place for people who are serious and who would want to know more about what trading is, and essentially how to trade. This is probably the best place to set your foundation right for your trading journey.”

“Staff was very helpful.”

“What Online Trading Academy teaches is somewhat different from traditional stocks trading courses which normally emphasize only on technical indicators. I believe that's what makes Online Trading Academy classes/courses stand out. They are really eye openers.”


“Cut short the learning curve in trading; come to Online Trading Academy.”

“I was very skeptical about Online Trading Academy and the methods you used. I am so glad I made the decision to join. Thank you!”

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