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“Very happy with the class! Our instructor was experienced and patient which was great since everyone is on a different level of market experience and knowledge. Loved that they covered the market at a micro level to help us identify key spots to initiate trades and then from a macro to help us understand the principles behind what moves the market.”

“This is my second class at OTA, and once again I am very impressed with the presentation and support I have received. The support staff is, as always, extremely helpful, ensuring all my needs were met and questions answered. Way to go OTA - Bellevue.”

“Online Trading Academy classes are extremely encouraging and filled with a wealth of knowledge. I am glad that I am a Trader. The center is very accommodating, the personnel are extremely helpful, snacks and coffee were always there.”

“OTA provides you a program, training and mentoring to truly enable you to develop trading discipline and profit.”

“I never understood the world of Forex, quite frankly I never knew what forex was. Well after working with David our instructor, I see the light. I'm so excited for this chapter in my life, not to mention the great success that's coming my way. If you're on the fence about OTA, all I can say is, just try it! If you want "freedom" OTA is the way!”

“This program guides it's students, down a path to financial freedom; it will teach you how to work the financial markets that you have chosen. You just have to follow the DANG instructions!! The Learning Center is very easy to find in Bellevue. The grounds were very well kept, as well as easy parking. The Staff at the Center are professionals and take great care of you while you are there. A great job by all involved.”

“The program I just completed was complete and easy to comprehend with the instructor covering most topics more than once, some as many as three times. Everyone in OTA is so dedicated to making me a successful trader. The center is very organized and operated in an efficient matter with each class starting right on time and everything associated with the class being well organized. The chairs were really comfortable as well.”

“OTA is the only way to begin your journey into the world of trading. Whether you wish to trade professionally or part time, they provide you with the proper tools and strategies to grow and protect your money. An invaluable investment in your future. Thank you, OTA!”

“In the last six months since I have started OTA, I truly feel I have the confidence and the tools to trade the markets. I still have a lot to still learn but with the online training that is available I know I have the information at my finger tips.”

“I thought I had financial knowledge about trading and making decisions for my 401K. I was wrong! It appears as though I was a complete novice. When my husband Chris and I came to OTA, I found out just how much "I" really didn't know! Chris and I have acquired the knowledge and abilities to go online and actually accomplish our financial goals using the stock market. Thank you OTA.”


“In the beginning, in meeting the staff at Online Trading Academy, it became very apparent that these instructors and teachers are highly qualified and their experience in the marketplace is second to none. I am so pleased to become part of the OTA society; it is here I will plant my feet for many years to come.”

“I have been totally satisfied and impressed with OTA. This training is superb in every aspect. Foremost to me are all the instructors and staff. Everyone is indeed invested in my success and supportive in every way. OTA feels like graduate school for managing personal wealth. Finally, I can understand and get truly proud of the fact that through this OTA training and education I am becoming a "professional trader". I see the incredibly well crafted Core Strategy and the skilled instructors as the hallmarks of the best investment I have made in my education ever, in my life. The only thing comparable was Navy flight training (which the government paid for)... but it had to be superior or I would have killed myself landing a fighter jet aboard a ship at night. Thank you, OTA.”

“Online Trading Academy provides the course work I've desired for years; every course I've previously taken left me thinking it was not real trading, but rather something gimmicky. I'm not even finished with my course work and already I've recommended it. My impression is that everyone on OTA's team is very professional, wanting each and every student to succeed and meet their personal goals. My impression is that OTA is a class act, reflecting high standards combined with friendliness and warmth. The building is newer, easily accessible parking; the classroom setting is good...I believe everyone in my classes are happy to be a part of this training center.”

“I can now say that my understanding of the overall Market is greater than most friends I have that trade for a living! It's always difficult learning a new skill. It's harder learning a new language. I think both have been achieved in one week's worth of trial and error, compared to reading multiple books and still feeling confused. It's been a great experience and one I will look back on, appreciating the decision I made joining the OTA team. Thanks a TON!!”

“This is a wonderful center. The staff is always wonderful and do their very best to accommodate anything that anybody needs. The building and location is clean and modern. The fact that they feed the students all day is amazing. There is ample parking. There are no complaints. I would love to see a center open up in the north end, maybe in Bellingham.”

“My only regret is that I can't take it again next week with another teacher for additional perspective. So much great information and the class was done at an excellent pace. It's amazing how the core strategy seems to work over and over.”

“OTA has created order out of the chaos of the stock market. The Academy is invaluable to anyone interested in the "trade".”

“Online Trading Academic education was an extremely helpful and enlightening course. Very innovative, practical, inspirational and dynamic. Indeed, I really enjoyed David's teaching style and his instruction was a positive experience.”

“In my opinion, the class and the information is well worth the investment and will be used. Be sure this is what you really want if you are looking to become a professional trader. It is not a get rich quick proposition, thank goodness! Thanks OTA and Alex Perna.”

“Yes, I truly enjoyed the program, mixing with people of different trading ideas and exchanging ideas. Everyone is willing to help and be helped. Very good learning atmosphere.”

“This futures class was extremely valuable to me as a trader. The trading method we learned is extremely disciplined, insightful, and something I can put to use immediately in my trading plan. Don was a fantastic instructor and I would highly recommend him as an instructor to anyone that plans to trade Futures.”

“Campus is neat and professional as is all of the staff. The program is concise and should result in success, as far as I have taken this so far. The staff is professional and helpful. The attitude that they "want me to be successful" goes beyond the basic sales pitch and I feel encouraged to come back and stay in touch.”

“It was a great learning experience. There is a lot of information given. It's difficult to fully absorb the information in 1 week but there is an abundant resource system that allows you to review most every topic that was taught. I recommend you need to know your way around a computer. Try not to come into class thinking you know how the stock market works. Have an open mind. They will answer all your questions.”

“I know my son Seth and I have gained a lot of confidence in OTA as each day passes and as we take each course. We have experienced great support and have been impressed with the level of expertise each instructor has had.”

“I can't imagine attempting to learn trading without attending the Online Trading Academy. I'm sure it can be done by some, but OTA provides the rocket fuel to get a new trading career off the ground successfully.”

“It is a great school. The teachers are excellent and well informed. I also enjoy being part of a trading community.”

“It is everything it was advertised to be. We can't wait to get home and get started using the skills that we learned. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They answered all our questions. They provide plenty of snacks to keep us going.”

“I would highly recommend his program. It gives you an opportunity to get started with confidence and a chance to grow.”

“The Pro Trader classes were excellent in providing how OTA's core strategy works and how to implement this strategy into one's trading. The lectures and real world trading done in class help to build your skills and confidence levels as a trader.”

“Every instructor and staff member has been top notch and professional Jerry weaver”

“The Pro Trader class was very informative. The instructor was well prepared, well organized and had real world experience that made the material very relevant for today's market conditions. I know "individual results may vary" but I feel that I have the tools to build on to be successful. The resources and support from OTA is very good. The wealth of material on the web site that is available is very impressive. ”

“OTA is an excellent program that clarifies the concept of using trading in the market as a means of financial gain through understanding how the market works and how to use that advantageously. The instructors and support staff are well informed, engaging, encouraging, friendly, helpful, and professional. Your success is their goal, during and after the program. I highly recommend this program.”

“This class definitely showed me that you can individually manage your own portfolio. Also it was proven that the techniques taught here really do work. It is "scientific" with facts behind the course study. It is definitely real and not "pie in the sky". These techniques are the same as those used by the traders for the banks and other financial institutions. Anyone who buys or sells stocks without knowledge of these techniques are simply "suckers" contributing their money to those who do have these skills.”

“I really enjoy this class. The fellow students were friendly and fun. The instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable of the subject taught.”

“Before I started OTA, I didn't like charts, I couldn't stand charts. I hated charts. I only took OTA to understand Jose and what he was talking about whenever he mentioned the stock market. Now I am so happy I took the course because it has opened my eyes to a whole other world!! Now I love charts. I am very excited to take advantage of all the support and classes OTA has to offer.”

“The training we receive here is essential for successfully managing your investments.”

“I am so happy that I decided to come to OTA. My experiences have all been positive since coming here. To see so many people my age having great successes in so many ways with their finances and future goals was heartwarming. I've seen nothing but hope and inspiration of a brighter future for us all. OTA cares about us and they make it known in every way. I appreciate that. Thanks OTA.”


“OTA is a financial program which I want to introduce to my children.”

“OTA is truly one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It has presented me opportunities and freedom to live my life in a totally different way. I believe by taking the courses I have taken in OTA I will be able to do this for the rest of my career if not make this my career. The course was very enjoyable to take with my Dad; we shared many good times and helped each other pick up on the lessons being taught. I would suggest this course to all of my friends and family who are looking to have a great time while learning how to make money.”

“I am continuously impressed with OTA: your ability to attract the best instructors, their professionalism and knowledge of the subjects especially. Also, the support staff is willing and eager to go above and beyond the call of duty. It is clear that you all have the student's success as your goal and it is greatly appreciated by all of us.”

“This course was packed with information. By the end of the week I think I was feeling overwhelmed and had a little melt down. The entire staff and the instructor and all the students in the class came to the rescue with words of encouragement, reassurances of the ongoing learning process, and all the support tools available to me at any time after the class is over. Intellectually, I knew I was being too hard on myself at the time (I tend to do that!) but emotionally, I was panicking. Thank you to everyone at OTA for sticking with me and making sure I knew I wasn't going to be abandoned!”

“OTA will give you a format and strategy that is very difficult to develop on your own. These steps give you a great advantage over other traders and lead to quicker profits.”

“All OTA staff are extremely professional and supportive. All reflect the ownership's sincere commitment to students' ultimate success.”

“I highly recommend OTA to anyone looking to better their financial future.”

“I am very satisfied with this program. It has opened my knowledge to a whole other world about money and finance. It has provided and educated me about endless opportunities with personal income.”

“For those who have always wanted to break the cycle of the 9 to 5 grind, establishing daily income and long term wealth by your own effort, in YOUR OWN business, THIS is the course to take. OTA will open a new world of opportunity by removing the mystery of the Stock Market and showing you THE only way to trade in it for ultimate success. OTA WILL teach you and guide you along the path towards independence, which in the end is the real dream for most people. Seize your destiny, learn to be independent for life with OTA! ”

“I came to OTA as a retail trader of the worst kind and I am leaving knowing that I will be a wholesale trader from graduation day forward. My eyes and mind have been opened up to think entirely differently when looking at a chart. I am very confident that I will be a successful trader.”

“The instructor is very knowledgable, the course is very well planned so you learn and add on to what you learned yesterday. The other people in the class were congenial and everyone helped each other. The Program was great as well as enjoyable. I learned a lot.”

“For anyone seriously interested in becoming a trader, I would highly recommend OTA. Over the years, I have been a student with more than one other group and OTA is hands down the best place to get trading education. The hands-on classroom learning environment is fantastic, and the wealth of online resources, including trading sessions and lessons, is second to none. I am confident that OTA is committed to the success of its students, and that I will be able to get the support I need as a student at any time in the future. ”

“I am very thankful to the administrative office for the flexibility they provided me with the enrollment to the academy. This program not only opens up the opportunity to learn to trade, but also the opportunity to see that changes could be done on all levels of our behavior. All things are interconnected. It takes an effort to see what changes could be done to improve life, and this program is definitely one of the helping factors to improve.”

“After 4-5 years of investigating methods to enter the markets as a trader, this was the only one that really clicked for me and made sense.”

“A friend told me if I really wanted to manage my assets and start trading, I needed to take classes at OTA. OTA gave her the foundation to trade successfully and start building her personal assets. I am sure I will be able to say the same thing to someone in my future as a trader. Thanks OTA!!!”

“The concepts and skills learned and acquired at OTA have enabled me to retire early and not feel my lifestyle would be threatened. I cannot state how much my life has been changed for the better because of my commitment to OTA's trading concepts and resources.”

“Without joining Online Trading Academy, I would have just kept giving my money to the market and stayed a novice trader. Now I have the opportunity to be a successful trader.”

“If you are not totally satisfied with your current situation or even if are and want more. Then taking courses here at Online Trading Academy will be an important first step to realizing all your aspirations.”

“A great plus for OTA is the creation of a community to support trading. Courses are available to retake. Then you really get it. The center facilitates a Forex club meeting in the evenings to meet and review. Online resources really help understanding and to learn how to trade. I learn a lot from XLT, Hour with the Pros and Power Trading Radio. Thank you, OTA.”

“Years ago I traded futures and lost all my money. Now I know why. It's the old saying"you don't know what you don't know." Let these people teach you.”


“Brought me up to speed on current trading practices and newer trading platforms.”

“ALL staff very helpful and attentive.”

“The whole team has been very helpful and I have enjoyed the experience! I feel that this is the right fit for me and with the training I will be able to replace my income, sooner than I thought I would. Thank you.”

“Your future starts with Online Trading Academy.”

“Time and money spent well worth it.”

“Came here originally with a set of expectations, and they were exceeded. Enjoyed Russ as a teacher and learned to trade the plan. I am ready to go out and apply what I learned in real life. The most valuable piece of information I learned was to make sure that you always place a stop to protect your capital, and review your plan and strategy prior to investing.”

“There is a stigma about traders, that they can be reckless and are simply just gamblers. This school knocks that myth on its ear. The traders and staff are the pinnacle of professionalism, and after the classes the student knows the best methodology for successful trading.”

“Ken and the staff are very helpful!”

“This class is awesome. I never thought I would be able to know all this information. Tillie is an awesome instructor, she is so much energetic and provides lots of examples related to real life which are simple to understand. She gives attention to everyone in the class, which is awesome. Ken is the best student coordinator I have seen so far. He calls, sends emails and does continuous follow ups to make sure I get this. He is very, very helpful.”

“Brandon was very open to demonstrate time and time again of the successful patterns for a successful trade and frankly discussed weak trades as well and the reasons. He ensured we could clearly see the examples of identifying the indicators of the shift in market and how to take advantage of them. Seattle Online Trading Academy is just outstanding in care for the students! A very family and friend oriented place to train, visit and I would expect - work too!”

“I am looking forward to continuing my education with Online Trading Academy! This is the very exciting beginning of a lifetime of learning and change for the better.”

“This is a new endeavor for me. Before this class I was very concerned that I was biting off more than I can chew. Now, after 7 days, I want more information. It was great. Thank you.”

“I can't imagine a more efficient and effective way to cover the class material. The workbooks combined with lectures made it a great experience. ”

“This finally opened up the mysterious world of intelligent stock trading to me. I feel that I am extremely fortunate to be involved with this school, and I am looking forward to my continued involvement with Online Trading Academy.”

“If you're planning on trading of any kind, Online Trading Academy is the very best choice you could possibly make.”

“By the end of the week, I really felt I knew how to trade. In addition, since I will be able to contact the teachers and staff at Online Trading Academy in the future I am assured of future assistance. Rod and David were extremely helpful for beginners like me and without them I would have not done very well in this class.”

“The staff at Online Trading Academy is very kind and supportive of students in achieving their objectives. Great credit to Ken for his great attitude and support. He always has a smile on his face and is very cordial to all students.”

“WOW! Where do I start? I have been successfully trading for a while, but now I will be totally redoing my trading plan and I anticipate multiplying my profits by 10 times, and I will sleep better at night because I will be taking on less risk. Bob, you're the BEST! Online Trading Academy Seattle is the best!”

“My wife and I never had a trading course or exposure to the trading market until these classes. Very impressed with the instructor and dynamics that go into making it work.”


“This is my third retake. Each time I learn something new from a different teacher, from HIS/HER perspective. This has been very valuable for me. Even if you decide to never trade in your life, this has been a great financial education and I'm very glad to have attended. ”

“I truly enjoyed the class and feel that I have been given a good value for my money.”

“Thanks for helping me make more in 3 days than I have made all month! Your market insight and trading plan are amazing.”

“The level of material and presentation continues to surprise in excellence.”

“Anyone thinking of trading should not start before getting this training.”

“All of my instructors and classes have been excellent. It makes a huge difference that I can retake the class and learn different things from different instructors or the same things in different ways, or pick up things I didn't get the first time around. That makes all the difference in the world to be able to do that because of the learning curve and complexity of the material.”

“I feel I am learning to use great tools to protect MY money, secure my future and have left over income to help others who may need it. At my age, I have all I want except for the yacht. So helping by teaching friends, family and community is within reach.”

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