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Our San Jose location is staffed by friendly Education Counselors who are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals and dreams. Their focus is to help you shape the education path that is right for you based on your goals, risk tolerance, background and experience. Since 1997, Online Trading Academy has been committed to teaching the skills you need make smarter investment decisions by using our Patented Supply and Demand Strategy. We are located just a few blocks from the San Jose airport. Learn more.

We invite you to join us for an upcoming course or workshop. Our experienced instructors and staff are here to help you achieve your financial goals. As an Online Trading Academy student, you’ll become part of a community of traders and investors committed to success.

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What Our Students Are Saying

“Online Trading Academy provided me a great education to learn low risk but high reward trading. It teaches me how to trade and manage my emotion. The in person classes are great. I learned a lot from Kelly Boycks and Bill Henner. The free life retake is great and I used it. The continuous education through the live weekly trading sessions and updated trading strategy are key to improve and take my skill to next level. ”

, January 2017

“I thought I had been an investor (and a trader) for 17 years, prior to becoming aware of OTA and taking the core strategy course. Now I realize I was gambling with my savings and retirement accounts. Through the course I am actually developing investing and trading skills for the first time. The instructors have opened my eyes and shown me that there are solid methods to trading that one can learn and master. They have done it before me. I am grateful that OTA has found me through direct mail to my home. I was not looking and was not aware that these skills are available to the average person. I had incorrectly assumed that one gains these skills only by becoming a stock broker or an investment banker. Thank you for finding me and giving me the opportunity to learn to grow my savings & retirement accounts. Thank you also for the opportunity to learn to become an independent earner. Our society is less of a community now and I cannot count on it to support me during my retirement and old age. Since OTA has been around for almost 20 years, I wish I knew about it earlier. I am sure it would have helped me to get through 2001 and 2008 recessions in one piece!”

, January 2017

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Online Trading Academy San Jose, CA

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