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What makes a great teacher? At Online Trading Academy, reviews from our students suggest it's a combination of real world experience (most instructors are also traders themselves, and many have worked professionally as floor traders or brokers), an ability to communicate clearly, and a personal connection to their students.

Do Online Trading Academy instructors possess a mastery of trading and the markets? Are they open to questions, and making sure you understand the material? Do they make the classroom a win-win environment for all? Read these reviews to find out.

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Louise Carr

Louise Carr

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“Very professional and competent and I have nothing but respect.”

, March 2016

“Great instructor - Louise does not only have a vast knowledge and experience of trading, but she is also passionate and patient enough not to leave any of us behind. Well done!”

, February 2016

“Louise is an excellent instructor. She emphasises the importance of simplicity in trading and offers clear advice on how to work to achieve this.”

, November 2015

“The instructor, Louise Carr, is very good. She presents well, knows her subject and inspires confidence. She is very encouraging. I recommend her highly.”

, November 2015

“It was a true pleasure to learn from Louise! Louise was professional and thoroughly informative in her instructing. With her students, she was kind, gentle, and dedicated to providing an excellent experience during the course. She was diligent in answering our questions, and was skilled in adapting her lesson plans to the needs of the students in class. I got the sense that Louise truly cared about our confidence and feelings of success as Forex traders. I look forward to learning more from her in the future!”

, October 2015

“I don't think an instructor can get any better. Extremely well prepared, motivating, good attitude and, above all, showed to be a nice and respectful person. She has to be among the best, if not the best.”

, October 2015

“Louise has a great way of teaching. She really presents well, she keeps me striving to my goal, consistently profitable. Hope to see her again. Thanks so much. This is the best choice I've made in my life. Thank you for the opportunity.”

, October 2015

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