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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“I am glad I had to put my plan down on a hard copy as it helps me to remain focus as to why I am doing this program. I have prioritized my order of growing in this business. I must plan my actions to be sure I get it done in one day at a time action. Thank you for the basics and steps to accomplish that and these goals of mine. ”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“I enjoyed Q's part about having no excuses and no matter wha getting his training and hair cuts to be where he is today. It was encouraging because we all have a story and past, but it's How we over come our situation to get back on track. I lost my job last year in September 2016, so I am still healing from that lost and trying not to have any excuses.”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“I Kenneth Edwards had a awesome time at the trader planning course. All of the informative info was not only beneficial to trading and investing, but also very helpful to everyday life situations dealing with reprogramming your mind to win an every aspect of your life and to not just settle for less than what you deserve. Quentin Staples did a awesome job!!!!”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“I really enjoyed the class. It was very informative. I am new to the market, so I was enlightened. It was great the way Quentin relates his past life story and bring it to a full circle to show how the academy has changed his life. Very inspiring!”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“OTA is very professional and organized, there process of learning how to trade and understand the markets is awesome. John Davis”

Irvine, CA Core Strategy Class

“Attending the Core Strategy program has help me understand the process to reach one of my goals which is to be able to spend more time with my kids and less time at work. Karen A. Davis”

Irvine, CA Core Strategy Class

“One of the most truly satisfying classes I have ever taken! Compared to college classes, this class not only jump starts you into trading, but it sling shots you past all of those years of late night reading. Trust me, I know, I've tried it. As of most of us. But, those books will never be equal to how much Online Trading Academy has to offer. Thanks again OTA! - Ross Chumbley ”

Kansas City Core Strategy Class

“The Personal Trading Plan session taught by Quentin Staples was every thing that was promised and more. I learned more about myself, goals and the trading opportunities that would be the best fit for me. This is a must attend, you will learn your WHY and HOW!”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“It was a great class. The instructor was awesome. He explained concepts clearly and gave ample time to practice. I feel confident that I can do this.”

Ridgefield Park, NJ Core Strategy Class

“Learned what drives the market.”

Kansas City Core Strategy Class

“I will be happy to write a testimonial as soon as I am worthy of doing so. There is much to learn and apply. I am always excited and sometimes overwhelmed and then excited again. I will learn this skill and I will be successful because of all you at OTA I have absolutely no doubt in my mind about it and I thank you for that. ”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“I feel more confident about trading than ever before after this class. I really feel I have the overall understanding of increasing my successful trades.”

San Jose, CA Futures

“Taylor does a great job of presenting the principles of Core Strategy, and challenging us to jump in, overcome our fears and begin the process of mastering core strategy.”

Atlanta, GA Core Strategy Class

“Core Strategy is just that,it is an introduction to all the markets and asset classes, many of the basics from one can be applied to all of them”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“This class has opened my eyes to an honest,doable way of changing my life and that of my loved ones.”

Charlotte, NC Core Strategy Class

“I was very pleased about the class. Class setting was comfortable and instructor kept me engaged. The material and how it was taught was thorough. Its step by step. Not too much at one time. Lakiesha Owens”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program and wa made to feel that I was more than just a number by everyone at the Burnaby Campus.”

Vancouver, Canada Forex

“My name is Bill Padgett. I'm a new student at On Line Trading Academy. So far I've thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this program. There is so much information and aspects to the trading industry to learn which is absolutely necessary to be successful in this industry. The wealth of knowledge possessed by the teachers, traders, and coaches here at OTA is, I believe, unmatched anywhere industry wide. Their willingness to impart information, teach the business, and their availability to the students is invaluable to the success of the students and is certainly unique to OTA and it's obvious success in turning out excellent students and traders. ”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“The Platform Immersion Class taught by Jose showed me all the little things about navigating the platform that I would spend hours looking for on my own. Jose, was great at showing us the Resources available through OTA that I had not been able to find on my own. Its the perfect class to get started with and iron out all the annoying kinks with navigating a new program platform. I recommend it to everyone going through the OTA Programs. ”

West Palm Beach, FL Platform Immersion Part 1

“I start to hate the program, the program seem like a scam trying to up sell and there is no much substance. I been losing money instead making any money and see many students are under the same situation. The master mind grid is one of up sell which I think now is a scam.”

San Diego, CA Options

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