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Student Ratings and Reviews

Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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Based on 136,962 reviews

“OTA is the best organization to be a part of. Community, tools, mentorship, what more can you ask for?”

Raleigh, NC Pro Trader Class

“The class has been great and the support staff has taken exceptional care of us and our training. Ms. Tillie did an amazing job at facilitating our instruction and portraying the information in a manor that's really transparent! Thanks for all your help! Larry Schmidt”

Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“The first two days of the program are full of emotional ups and downs. You find yourself thinking you can't do it or it won't work for you in a moment, and the other thinking how awesome it is and that definitely this is for you. The instructor was great at setting real expectations bringing me down to earth or pumping my morale up. At the end, it was a great experience with a lot of knowledge. ”

Vancouver, Canada Pro Trader Class

“my last day I hit 2 out 3 was ”

San Diego, CA Pro Trader Class

“Other Target Adventures follow OTA's mission to light up different paths of life.”

Irvine, CA Platform Immersion Part 1

“its all new for me. its a first time that i ever did this kind of activity. thank you all very much.”

Long Island, NY Pro Trader Class

“Quentin is a great instructor! Sharing his personal story helps us identify with him and makes us realize that we can do this too.”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“The Online Trading Academy program is an exceptional program. The training is top-notch and thorough. The materials are valuable tools and the online support team covers all the bases. The standout for this program are the professionals and the passion exhibited by them. The counseling given is genuine and after evaluations an assessment for suitability is analyzed. It feels like a genuine community. I am truly excited to be a part of this phenomenal opportunity.”

Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Pro Trader Class

“Truly has opened my eyes to the right way to trade through a core strategy and because of OTA I have now started to trade full time as my new career choice and feel confident. ”

UK Forex

“Clifton Miller's Forex class gave great clarity to concepts I've never approached before. As a new trader this class was essential for me to go forth and trade the global currency market with confidence. - Anna Maddox”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“Online trading Academy has given me the confidence to create a lifestyle I have always wanted. Dominic Rufran”

Denver, CO Pro Trader Class

“very well laid out program”

Denver, CO Pro Trader Class

“looking forward to change my life and supplement my income”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“Two days in and I can't believe i'm learning so much. The teacher explains it so well, can't wait till tomorrow. Great interactive environment”

Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“I believe that the program has great potential for me. I am enjoying the training and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to take command of their why.”

Denver, CO Pro Trader Class

“this class is giving me a very basic understanding to stock, I'm coming to this class with no stock experience,”

Denver, CO Pro Trader Class

“OTA is the place to go if you want to learn to trade. Every instructor I've encountered has been nothing short of AWESOME. They all have years of trading experience out in the real world and truly want students to be successful. ”

Boston, MA Forex

“Spencer is very well versed in how Trade Station and their platform work. It was great to get our feet wet so we knew the basics when working with charts in our Pro Trader class.”

Minneapolis, MN TradeStation Quickstart

“I knew virtually nothing about trading - online or otherwise - before attending OTA. I feel much more comfortable launching a new 'career' at this juncture in my life. I know more about trading, but more importantly I know where to go for expert help. I know there are many people on my side.”

Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“March 20 , 2107 Taking trader business plan class provided great incite on each step of the plan. The class teaches you how to create a template for success , by giving you complete understanding on the content, development and execution of a " PROFESSIONAL TRADE PLAN." ”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan
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