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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“Scott McKormick is extremely knowledgeable on all topics that were covered. He also has an innate ability to communicate that knowledge to even the most novice of traders. His comedy is an added bonus.”

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Core Strategy Class

“Hello, my name is Mira and I have not got any previous trading experience. Joined the OTA last year only because my son recommended it and I wanted to keep him happy and thought to myself - if this is an easy way to make money then I may as well go for it - if he cn do it then I can do it too. However I did not follow it up and almost a year later I have attended the XLT Forex program with a sceptical manner thinking - it is going to be a waste of time as it is not something that will bring me income straight away but I have to do it because I have paid for it. And to my surprise, the way the course was delivered had made every single second spent - worth it. I have learned a lot in a very short space of time and like with everything else in life it is down to the individual to make a good use of the knowledge and excel using the OTA facility which is also available to us. I would strongly recommend the OTA to any individual who is willing to dedicate time and efforts into something that looks and sounds simple, but it is very much a strategic and psychological way of managing your work life and enjoying the benefits of being your own boss and creating your own standard of living which could be very rewarding. Thank you to my coach - Becky for being persistent in keeping in touch and keeping me informed of the next steps as well Louise Carr for delivering the training in the most professional and motivational manner. ”

UK Forex

“Don Dawson is a gifted instructor. He is eminently qualified to teach futures, having thirty years real-life experience in the field. He is an excellent communicator and is very focused on communicating the course materials. He obviously enjoys teaching and is very intent on ensuring the students comprehends the real-life strategies of the trade, as well as gets the vision of what is possible. I am very pleased to have had him as my instructor. He made the course very useful, profitable, and interesting. Kudos to Don. He is a real asset to Online Trading Academy. --Thomas M”

Charlotte, NC Futures

“An intense program with fantastic resources to help ensure your success as a trader.”

New York, NY Core Strategy Class

“Great Class. Learned a tremendous amount. ”

Kansas City Core Strategy Class

“The program was very wonderful. Overall I love the vast knowledge that the instructor brought to the class.”

Vancouver, Canada Futures

“ I appreciate the honest assessment of potential pitfalls of training. I believe it's important for students to clearly articulate their goals, and the course provided structure to help me define "Why" behind the goal. I believe that the instructor (Quinten) did an excellent job to verbally frame up the landscape through which we ware about to journey. - Boone. ”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“Spencer does a great job in getting his students started on trade station.”

Minneapolis, MN TradeStation Quickstart

“I would say this was the best class that I have had to date. Implementing is the challenge. ”

Minneapolis, MN Forex

“The staff and instructors at OTA are all very supportive...........they truly provides the tools, knowledge and framework for one to become a successful trader...... Desmond E. Thompson”

Irvine, CA Forex

“The core strategy program really shows you how the markets work, how to control your risk as well as reading the charts and understanding what is going on so that you can make better predictions and become a profitable trader. -Paul”

Kansas City Core Strategy Class

“Online Trade Academy makes all the difference!”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“Investing is Hard. You need to have the right skills. I believe that there is no better place to learn these skills than Online Trading Academy. There are no gimmicks here. Forthright instructors teach you the material and then demonstrate that it works with live trades right in front of you. And better yet, by the end of the week, you're the one showing off your trade. This stuff works!”

Minneapolis, MN Core Strategy Class

“i enjoyed coming to class every day , every one was amazing and helpful ”

Toronto, Canada Forex

“The instructor did a great job holding our attention!”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“this course is very well written and taught. the online instructions works very well with the in class instructions. plus with the ability to access more education is what makes this course so successful. I highly recommend this education to anyone who wishes to trade the markets ... successfully ...”

Kansas City Core Strategy Class

“finally i found the right path to be in the market ”

Toronto, Canada Core Strategy Class

“The Online Trading Academy has shown me a path to replace my employment income with income that I can generate by trading. There is no other school that does this. They sell nothing at all except a great education for traders.”

Irvine, CA Forex

“Online Trading Academy's Forex Trader course prepared me with necessary knowledge to start trading in the Forex market. The detailed step-by-step process oriented method was taught in easy to understand format. Thanks OTA.”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“The instructors are awsome.”

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Core Strategy Class

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