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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

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“This class was very, very helpful and Ryan Watkins is a great instructor. The Dallas OTA and their staff run a very professional center and are interested in the success of each student. While the classes are a sizable investment you are not alone and the Dallas OTA family will do all, they can to make you successful at trading. David Brock ”

Dallas, TX Futures

“Michelle is a great instructor who speaks from experience and passion.”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“The instructor, Chris Muldoon, was fabulous! His knowledge of the process, computer and the trading environment led to a wonderful experience.”

Long Island, NY Core Strategy Class

“The course outlined the uniqueness of the Forex Market. The step by step instructions helped us (the students) to visualize the process of finding curve, trend and zones and to take the trade. ”

Philadelphia, PA Forex

“If you really want a true understanding of how and why the market moves this is the place to learn those skills.”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“I always enjoy taking Michelle's Futures Class because she presents the same material from multiple perspectives depending on the make-up of the class.”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“Informative& educational ”

Vancouver, Canada Core Strategy Class

“I have never trade before so I very much appreciate, the rule-based structure for assessing the quality of trading opportunities, and another rule-based structure for setting up the trade. ”

Austin, TX Core Strategy Class

“I would highly recommend this class. David Lyle”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“This program exceeded every one of my expectations. It provided a level of understanding of markets I just could not have gotten anywhere else. That understanding now is an appreciation for how simple rules can be used to better understand complex movements. I realize I am not at the end of this journey, but now at least am at the best beginning I could hope for, and....I HAVE A MAP!! Russ Gonnering”

Milwaukee, WI Core Strategy Class

“We got lots of information on Forex from Regi which will improve my trading in forex. A great instructor with proven knowledge .I will be attending his classes when ever he is in Orlando area. Regi has impressed me I am considering him as my GURU . ”

Orlando, FL Forex

“Keith Gibson is one of the best instructors in OTA. This is my second time taking his class and I enjoyed so much being in his class again. His unique way to find a trade and manage a trade is the way I would like to do in my own trading. I would love to take his class again to master his trading style.”

Long Island, NY Forex

“The instructor and fellow students were all great. I believe that as we practice what we learned and get better with time, we will find that it was a very worthwhile experience. Robert”

Baltimore, MD Core Strategy Class

“The instructor spent time to tutor me to learn a relevant strategy in the present market condition. I felt I learn something valuable from the course which I can use right away.”

San Jose, CA Options

“Scott Chrisan is really knowledgeable trader with amazing background. ”

Boston, MA Core Strategy Class

“Hi, my name is Shane Hurley and I'm completely new to trading. It's always been something that felt too complex for me to take the risk of trying to guess what a particular stock would do so I stayed away. However, since beginning my journey with OTA, they have very logical and practical approaches to trading and has a great program to bring along anyone with any level of experience. I'm excited about this next phase of my investing journey.”

Dallas, TX Futures

“I only wish that I had taken OTA training course at a younger age. I really miss the boat !! Ken Danzig (age 77)”

Charlotte, NC Futures

“Just a great way to learn about the markets and a disciplined approach to buying and selling that works!”

Denver, CO Core Strategy Class

“Our current educational system in the USA provides you with skills and knowledge to work for someone else, But at some point in your life you that situation may change; voluntarily or involuntarily. Online Trading Academy (OTA) teaches you what you really need to know to understand how the financial markets really work and how to use that information make a living for yourself and/or protect and grow what you have saved and invested. Knowledge is power. ”

Detroit, MI Futures

“Learned an effective way of trading after being a trade (novice) for 3-4 years.”

Ridgefield Park, NJ Core Strategy Class

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