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Student Ratings and Reviews

Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“I tried to learn on my own and actually made money on my first day trading Forex, only to lose it all and then some by the end of the same week. I knew then I needed to learn what I didn't know to avoid future mistakes. Thats how I ended up at OTA. They gave me the system, the structure, the coaching and the hands on instructions I knew I would need if I wanted to go from novice to professional. L. Smith”

Atlanta, GA Pro Trader Class

“The Pro Trader class at On Line Trading Academy was fantastic. As someone new to trading, it provided the knowledge and built my confidence to the point where I am beginning my second career as an active trader. As the retired president of a very successful packaging company, I am very excited that OTA has helped me obtain a brand new skill set to earn income, and keep my mind actively engaged on a daily basis. John F, Concannon”

Ridgefield Park, NJ Pro Trader Class

“I feel like I understand how the market moves and how I can apply this understanding to improving my financial situation.”

Irvine, CA Pro Trader Class

“Being very new in the trading world it was first very confusing learning some terminology used in the class. But as you go along and with the instructors helping, you kind of pick up some of it & by the end of the day you learn something new. It was great. Ricky G.”

Irvine, CA Pro Trader Class

“There is nothing like OTA out there. They truly care about you and your success.”

San Diego, CA Pro Trader Class

“OTA is the real deal! I've been trading for 10 years and nothing out there convinced me to change my process of trading until I discovered OTA's supply and demand technique. The instructors are wonderful, they care, and they take the time to help you understand everything else well as they do. And the fact that the classes are lifetime - where else can you get an education like this!”

Irvine, CA Pro Trader Class

“Online Trading Academy sets the bar high in excellence and quality service for their students. Every day is a wonderful and exciting experience. One always leaves with the desire to learn more. The sense of community is second to none. Eric Perez”

New York, NY Pro Trader Class

“The Trade Station Platform Immersion Course was outstanding! I am certain that it will accelerate my learning in the Core Courses as I won't fumble w/ having to familiarize myself w/ the Platform Basics while learning more important concepts. I highly recommend taking this course prior to all other courses. Randy Miller (New OTA Student- Feb 2017) ”

Dallas, TX Platform Immersion Part 2

“Anyone who is considering investing for retirement or trade for income absolutely needs to take classes offered at Online Trading Academy. OTA will teach you how to strategically invest and trade, when to get in and out of a trade, and minimize your risk. I wish I would have taken the OTA classes years ago!”

Los Angeles - Woodland Hills, CA Pro Trader Class

“I will likely to spread the idea of learning with OCA with my co-workers, friends and other family members. ”

Irvine, CA Pro Trader Class

“Very clear explanation. Using another angle on how to view the same thing!!”

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Pro Trader Class

“leared a lot about trading,”

Dallas, TX Platform Immersion Part 2


Irvine, CA Pro Trader Class

“Absolutely enjoyed”

Irvine, CA Pro Trader Class

“Loc Luu, I truly enjoyed it and it had opened my eye!!!”

Irvine, CA Pro Trader Class

“I always knew that financial freedom was attainable, but it wasn't until I found OTA and experienced their program, that it became a reality for me. I now know it is attainable for ME. The way the classes are managed, the education and information taught, and the deep knowledge of and engagement of the instructors really makes this OTA a unique place in the world of education, business, personal development, and financial independence. I am so proud to be part of this school. If only I found this school before college!! My family and I thank you Online Trading Academy. You've changed my life - I am a Trader and I am FREE. ”

Irvine, CA Pro Trader Class

“Brock does great job in breaking down the Platform Immersion class!”

Dallas, TX Platform Immersion Part 1

“Teacher was great, alot of knowledge but never boring. Interesting anecdotes.”

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Pro Trader Class

“ProTrader 1 has given me confidence to move forward with the application of the Core Strategy. I am excited about the journey that lies ahead with OTA...”

Charlotte, NC Pro Trader Class

“I enjoyed this class. This is just the introduction, but I feel confident enough, in just 16 hours of instruction, to test the waters and get busy trading.”

Washington DC Pro Trader Class
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