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Student Ratings and Reviews

Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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Based on 134,979 reviews

“There is a palatable passion and enthusiasm among the OTA community that will very likely motivate you to create a better future for yourself, your dependents and your close associates ”

Baltimore, MD ProActive Investor

“10/10, a brilliant refresher with one of OTA's finest mentors.”

UK Forex

“I would recommend OTA to anyone who was really interested in taking control of their own money. ”

Baltimore, MD ProActive Investor

“Louise was exceptionally thorough & takes considerable interest in all her students. She's very patient & personable. She has a very methodical approach which she clearly conveys in class. I highly recommend you take her class. ”

UK Forex

“scott is a great instructor maybe the best I've seen.”

Los Angeles - Woodland Hills, CA Pro Trader Class

“the class was excellent .The instructor made sure all questions were answered.”

Baltimore, MD ProActive Investor

“I have been trading since 1996 But i never realized what I have been missing all these years until I took the class(es).”

Los Angeles - Woodland Hills, CA Pro Trader Class

“It amazes me that I can go from a point of very little knowledge to understanding the step by step process that is presented and will now have confidence that I can perform a successful trade in so short a time. Thank you OTA Ken & Norma Dluhy Frederick, Md”

Baltimore, MD ProActive Investor

“Online Trading Academy gives a very basic way of viewing the markets that anyone can understand. ”

Philadelphia, PA Pro Trader Class

“Very satisfied with everything. Stephen Hanahoe is an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable about the core strategy. Thank you Stephen From Anthony Wajda”

Long Island, NY Pro Trader Class

“I really appreciated the delivery of the lessons from Kelly. His thought process is easy to follow, and his manner of delivery is simple, but very knowledgeable and understandable.”

Dallas, TX Pro Trader Class

“The more I am involved with OTA, the more I learn and the more I feel at home. The quality of people at this facility is tremendous and they all have a true desire for my success. I feel confident that if I follow the program laid out in my educational plan, I will be a successful trader. Joining the OTA family has been a great decision in my life. ”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“I've always stayed away from investing in the stock market because it always felt too risky and unpredictable. I love the approach that OTA uses which follows the institutions instead of the novice investors and trades against what the emotions tell you to do or what the media may be promoting at the time and focuses on what's going on with pricing and what's happened to prepare for what might happen in the future. I also love having risk limits/management on every trade. This has been great and I look forward to trading in the future.”

Dallas, TX Pro Trader Class

“the more i come back to school the more i feel that the way they are teaching how to trade ,based on supply and demand makes sense”

New York, NY Futures

“Trading made simple. Money-making made simple. Success made simple. Incredible. Bob Dun is truly extraordinary.”

New York, NY Futures

“life changing experiance, not even fully knowing knowing to the extent yet. online trading accademy is the real deal if your trying to truly educate yourself on the workings of the global markets. By far the smartest decision i've ever made Randall Flattinger OTA-PHOENIX”

Phoenix, AZ Pro Trader Class

“great information”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“I have increased my knowledge of the financial markets a 1000% since enrolling in OTA. I now feel confident in my ability to make better trades. ”

Atlanta, GA Options

“OTA gives us students the tools to be successful traders.”

Seattle, WA Pro Trader Class

“The atmosphere has been really great as a learning process to the trading world. Having access to the teachers, coaches and staff make this learning process a lot easier to absorb all of the information being taught in such a short time frame. I appreciate all of the support and help that is provided with this team. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in trading to come and learn with the trading academy.”

Atlanta, GA Pro Trader Class
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