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Student Ratings and Reviews

Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“Michelle is an awesome instructor and her teaching of gaps and traps are the best.”

Sandra E. Futures

“This class was truly great, very informative and excited me for what was possible and what could be achieve using the knowledge i now have to be able to trade futures with confidence and obtain consistent results. Chris Kennedy ”

Chris K. UK Futures

“Brock, as always, presents the material in an understandable fashion using is own personal story to convey his message. Great being in his class again. He is an asset to OTA.”

Kevin S. Dallas, TX Personal Trading Plan

“I now feel very confident about placing trades as a result of the training I received in Pro-Trader Program.”

Dexter G. Vancouver, Canada Pro Trader Class

“The Pro Trader course gave me a good understanding on what it would be like to be a day trader and to realize that I could actually learn the skills needed to become a successful trader.”

Leonard B. Kansas City Pro Trader Class

“I believe this program is very eye opening an allows you to see the market in a whole other way. Although it is very expensive i believe for the price there should maybe be a little more one on one or something that allows you to grasp the concept a little better”

Gerardo H. Phoenix, AZ Pro Trader Class

“If you truly want to become a successful trader, this is the place to go! Sherilyn Thomas ”

Sherilyn T. Boston, MA Pro Trader Class

“Great introductory class. There is a lot of information, but it was easy to understand and grasp.”

Sweethelda C. San Diego, CA Pro Trader Class

“Best OTA class I have taken, instructor made sure that everybody understood all the information inan easy and clear manner”

Francisco B. San Diego, CA Pro Trader Class

“Learning a great deal.”

Rae L. San Diego, CA Pro Trader Class

“Kyle made it easier to be able to concentrate on the subject matter than trying to figure out the computer when class time came. ”

Sweethelda C. San Diego, CA TradeStation Quickstart

“Tre covered everything that was in the book. You can tell he loves helping people learn this trade. No way can you fall asleep in his class.”

James G. San Diego, CA Pro Trader Class

“My third time in ProTrader. Still working to be successful. Tre offered assistance.”

Bob M. San Diego, CA Pro Trader Class

“Extremely knowledgeable Instructor. Very enjoyable to listen to. Very good information to hear and I can't wait to see how well the live sessions work out.”

Rockley C. San Diego, CA Pro Trader Class

“The program gave some very useful tips and should pay for itself”

Melinda B. Boston, MA Pro Trader Class

“online trading academy have a great program and I'm really happy with the level of education they can provide”

Charles B. Boston, MA Pro Trader Class

“Gabe is an excellent presenter. Facility is also superb.”

Sam B. Boston, MA Pro Trader Class

“true knowledge base, very informative and a great program for long term use of knowledge”

George O. Boston, MA Pro Trader Class

“I am still on a sharp learning curve.”

Doyal V. Minneapolis, MN TradeStation Quickstart

“The course was very productive and informative. The instructor, Thomas Joyce, was fantastic. He was knowledgeable. precise and had the utmost respect for all his students.”

William W. Detroit, MI Pro Trader Class
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