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Online Trading Academy Reviews

Students share their views and reviews about Online Trading Academy

Trading education is a big commitment. It’s important to know you have made the right choice before you begin. That’s why we encourage our Online Trading Academy students to share their experiences (both good and bad) so prospective students will know what to expect.

In this section you’ll find reviews of our world-class instructors. Students will tell you what it’s like to take an online or in-person class at Online Trading Academy and which teachers deliver the most value by providing clear, actionable information.

You’ll also find location reviews for many of our 35 financial education centers. We like to think of ourselves at Online Trading Academy as one big family of happy traders becoming successful together. But each center has its own personality and you can read about it here.

If you’re interested in a specific asset class please check the course content reviews. Whether your preference is equities, options, futures, Forex, real estate or a combination of asset classes, Online Trading Academy students will tell you about their experience and what you can expect.

And finally, you are invited to share your own Online Trading Academy review of your experience with us. Knowledge is power... by sharing information you can help every one of us to become more successful.

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5 stars - based on 23 reviews

“Steve is incredible! He made a very complex topic with many moving variables into something simple to understand. I would never forget the Dorito example. Thank You!”

, May 2014

“Love Online Trading Academy, finally I am getting the education that I truly believe will lead to a successful trading career with realistic expectations.”

, March 2014

“I thought the Online Trading Academy was a wonderful program to help me improve my trading practice. I thought I was a good trader but I was doing things that were not in my best interest. Online Trading Academy helped me to see that and now I have rules and a trading plan to increase my profits and decrease my risk. I can work the market in both up or down trends with high probability of success.”

, March 2014

“There is no better training site. I have spent time and money on most of them.”

, February 2014

“Online Trading Academy intense teaching well worth the time and money.”

, February 2014

“This is a great system and strategy that Online Trading Academy uses to trade in the market and it really works!! And it proves itself time and time again the more I use the strategies. I can't wait to take more classes!!”

, February 2014

“Online Trading Academy education is complete and scalable. The best aspect is that you can take the Professional Trader course, practice until you are consistently profitable in what you learned (retaking if necessary), then go on to more advanced strategies or other markets. You can easily pay for your future courses with your profits from the basic one if you pace yourself this way. All courses are repeatable for free in case you stray from or forget your discipline! But don't. What Online Trading Academy teaches works!”

, February 2014

“A great thing about Online Trading Academy is that you can continue to go deeper in your education as you gain experience trading. It is a deep well!”

, February 2014

“I am new to active trading. Time will tell if my inherent skill will support success in Trading. What I do know now is that Online Trading Academy has provided exceptional instruction and resources to ensure the probability of success. My first instructor, in my first (Pro Trading) course, was Michelle Volmering. She represents Online Trading Academy at its very best. First impressions lead me to be confident that my investment (entry) into the world of trading will hit the target.”

, January 2014

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