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“Online Trading Academy is a life changing experience which equips and gives the student the skills and the tools needed to trade in the real world of Stocks, Options, futures and Forex and to capitalize on it, and for these reasons I'm grateful!”

“This is not a flash in the pan, get rich quick... this is real world, honest and time tested... put your big boy (or girl) pants on, it's going to take some time for this ride!!!!!!”

“This has been my first training, and Instructor, Roger Best, did a great job in the information he taught that had inspired me in the future of trading. The staff is polite, personable, respectful and friendly. The facility is clean and neat. The best part of the whole experience is that the training facility is only 20 minutes from my home. It's going to be my new home away from home. Thank you for the opportunity.”

“As a person interested in becoming a trader, I would highly recommend attending the OTA ProTrader Course. It is a great introduction into learning the steps necessary to reading the charts and executing trades. The instructor makes the process easy to follow and breaks the process down, step by step. Also gives the student an introduction into learning the trading platform - Tradestation. Great course!”

“Trading can be very lonely. Having OTA online trading community and live classes at local location is very beneficial to my personal trading. I always enjoy and learn tremendously from live courses at my local area. Each instructor is successful in their own trading and has their unique trading techniques and style aligned with OTA core strategy. The staff is always friendly and helpful.”

“OTA is by far the best trader training I have ever experienced. The Long Island Center has great parking, is always clean, and you can't ask for better personnel.”

“I traded for a number of years without direction - I can surely say that OTA has taught me not only direction, but an overall dissection of the world of trading, assisting in a number of ways I never thought were even possible.”


“I am truly grateful for the opportunity Online Training Academy has provided me. What I am really very grateful for is people like Bob Dunn who have built their career as a floor trader, and are willing to teach us the valuable lessons it has taken them a lifetime to learn. It's like getting the cliff notes to life! The passion that the OTA instructors have for what they do makes all the difference. They are giving us the opportunity to change our lives! All we need to do is be patient and apply the information.”

“Every day it is a sacrifice for me to drive all the way to the academy, but when I leave class every single day, I always leave obtaining knowledge on something I once had no clue about! I want to thank all of my instructors, counselors, and the community overall. It is a sacrifice, takes a lot of time, dedication and focus but with hard work comes success, just like anything else. I can surely say I have made one of the best choices / investments in my life ; thank you OTA for all the great tools to build a brighter future!”

“OTA is great and their instructors are excellent! The more classes I take, the more impressed I am about this Academy.”

“The teachers are all great!!! It is wonderful to learn a system that minimizes risk & gives you a way to earn a living or just supplement income. Before school I was trading as a novice and not even realizing all the things I was doing wrong, all I worried about was if the market was going down. Now the fear is gone because I know I can actually make money when the market goes down; what a surprise!!! The personnel are all very supportive and willing to help! Everything is very clean. There is plenty of parking & the food is very good! Thank you!”

“Online Trading Academy strategies really work. My dream to be a trader is going to be realized only through their training and support. I couldn't have done it without them!!”

“I believe in this program. I trust in the instructors and I share my experience with my friends and family and hoping to bring in all my family members to OTA so they can also have a turn in their lives to a more prosperous life.”

“One of my classmates brought her young son during this week to the Pro Trader 1 class; and during class today I sent a TM to my Ex-wife, so that BOTH she and my son-(21 yrs. who lives in New Castle, Delaware) can attend the OTA Free Workshop on Sept, 7, or 10, 2016, in King Of Prussia, Pa. I HOPE that I can talk them into going--TOGETHER!! :)”

“OTA Long Island is like going home. Matt and Rosie know everyone and have a genuine interest to ensure that we all meet our objectives and exposure to all OTA has to offer. I only wish we could have classes on a longer time span!”

“Each day I learned a great amount of information. Also, Jody was patient & tried to find various ways to explain material in different ways to ensure that each student attains the necessary asset class knowledge. Matt and Rosie are very professional, friendly and cannot do enough for the students. It's a pleasure to attend classes in the Long Island center.”

“The class was upbeat and very informative. I learned enough to get me started and am confident that I will succeed. Jerry Baldwin is a top notch instructor. Thank you, Jerry.”

“Not only did I importantly learn not what to do in trading, more importantly I learned the background, foundation and the tools of what to do in trading.”

“I am very satisfied with the overall program, as well as the knowledge of the instructor. They take a person of relatively no experience in the diverse market and make me feel like there are endless possibilities in achieving success. Everyone in the center could & would assist you with whatever they could; It is an important feeling when you start off on a new venture. Matt is exceptional at his job. He gives personal assistance, as well as practical guidance, with great respect and friendliness.”

“The futures program is quite valuable. The student support staff at the Long Island Center is so helpful and very much appreciated. The center is clean, welcoming, and the staff is very helpful and make sure that all students have access to the resources that you need to enhance your educational experience and be a successful trader.”

“Online Trading Academy helped me understand the different markets in a relaxed, yet extremely informative manner. I'd recommend their courses to anyone who wants to be a successful trader. Our classrooms were always clean and prepared for us to begin our day full of instruction. The ease of parking was an asset. The food provided an ability for the students to interact and build camaraderie between each other. Additionally, it helped me understand the benefit of stepping away from my computer and taking a fresh look at the power point presentations, as well as the actual stocks and asset classes. Furthermore, I cannot express any more the gratitude that I feel towards Matt for his support during my time at the Long Island office. He has ALWAYS been accessible and very informative. Clearly his award was well deserved!! Rosie at this same office, was always professional, friendly and courteous. The teamwork between her and Matt is seamless. This was extremely beneficial, as a newer student.”

“As a novice investor, the Pro Trader program is just about the best education you can hope for to understand how financial markets really work, and the danger in following the "common wisdom" we've all been trained to accept at face value. The fact that they teach you an effective supply-and-demand methodology to actually make money, then hold your hand afterward to ensure your success, is the life-changing icing on the cake.”

“Based on some of the information learned in Futures class with Mr. John Rowland, I have changed my current trade plan. Thanks to the new information my trades have improved. The Long Island facility is very convenient and the team currently in this office is very helpful.”

“Amazing level of education OTA has to offer. Very happy to be part of this great Academy.”


“The experience with Online Trading Academy has been terrific. The materials are excellent, the instructors are very professional and there are so many resources for furthering your education. You just have to make the time and utilize it all.”

“The staff at the center is very helpful, warm and friendly. The center is very clean and comfortable and the lunches are tasty.”

“I think that OTA is the best resource for anything and everything in the investment field. Their knowledge surpasses those of other teachings tremendously. It is the most well rounded education I have received in any course, and I think that the community that they have created really gives the students a positive environment and all the building tools for a successful career in trading.”

“The staff are very nice and friendly, especially Matthew and Scott. Helped me a lot to a proper way to execute a trade.”

“This is the beginning of a new career path for me which was presented to me in an extremely professional way. This information will stick with me for the remainder of my life. The parking, friendliness of the personnel, cleanliness of the facilities, the food, the professionalism of the personnel and the content of the classes are all top notch.”

“This class was a retake; there were many things that I still didn't understand, but I do now. The instructor was very informative.”

“OTA is a good place to learn about trading and all the other classes that they offer. Their in-depth knowledge of the market and the teachers experience are extremely helpful.”

“Positive atmosphere never seen in any other business.”

“The LI, NY facility is great with the most amazing staff and instructors. They are very helpful and kind.”


“OTA is the best investment I have made in myself. I am able to take control of how to increase my income and increase my savings for retirement. I truly understand money now. It's amazing that you can go through life trusting other people to take care of "your money." OTA has given me the tools to truly take control.”

“I like that there is a time for sales and a time for education where there is no expectation of a sales pitch. This makes me feel very comfortable and negates a lot of what I have read on the internet in the beginning when I learned about and researching OTA prior to joining. I also like how the staff truly wants to get to know you as a person and not just a money maker for them.”

“The entire staff is great, and the core strategy is tremendous. Looking forward to the live trading experience in part 2. In my time here I have had the pleasure of sitting in on 3 classes (Sam Seiden, Rehman Moledina and Jon Arginteanu), each one of them are top tier individuals.”

“OTA is a superb training/teaching facility. If I had children I would pay for their tuition to attend OTA. Then, four years later, if they wanted to go to college to become a lawyer, dentist, engineer, etc., I would pay their tuition. But first they would have to attend OTA.”

“The entire staff at OTA has the student's best interest at heart because they simply care immensely that each student makes progress. A happy student is OTA's best advertisement.”

“I learned a tremendous amount about trading and the various strategies that can be utilized to realize profits. More importantly, I learned "what not to do" to prevent/minimize losses. Additionally, I realized how much I didn't know and how much I still do not know. I can't wait until I take my next class. It was good to meet others who live in the general area with the same financial desires.”

“Online Trading Academy is one of the most important choices I've made, and the things they are teaching have expanded my knowledge in the financial market, plus going to bring my personal income consistently.”

“Coming from a background of never seeing a trading chart let alone placing my own trades, I can't believe the amount of information that I have learned in a very short amount of time, I am only actively trading for 5 months and my account is still in tact. All of the instructors are great and extremely helpful, along with the entire OTA staff. ”

“Great class.... Once again Online Trading Academy, you rock.”

“Online Trading Academy offered me the education to improve my life and of my family. Jody Wong is a bright, insightful, realistic teacher with practical experience and compassion. Thank you! Elaine Beermann”

“I wish I had known about Online Trading Academy ten years ago, before the meltdown. I would be rich by now! Online Trading Academy teaches you to not lose money and to manage risk. Online Trading Academy is the best way to learn the markets.”

“What I liked best: The total ease of getting the information that I wanted right away. The availability to all counselors as needed. The atmosphere in class was friendly to all. The teaching was very professional and enlightening. The instructor was very willing to go over any points missed until they were understood.”

“The learning environment is perfect and the entire staff is wonderful and friendly. The placing of actual trades is invaluable.”

“Very useful information, finally charts make sense. Thank you!”

“The staff and instructors are truly dedicated to helping each student improve their skills, no matter what level they came to class with.”

“A true and grateful believer in the free Retake of Classes. You learn even quicker because you know what to HEAR.”

“I love Online Trading Academy! I came into this program seven months ago with no savings and depressed about my financial situation. Through this program, I have gained so much confidence in myself as someone who can thrive financially and create wealth for myself. I believe so much in the program that I have brought my mother to Online Trading Academy and she is now sold on the confidence, hope, and technique that they instill so well.”

“The school is excellent. Online Trading Academy has student plan and interest at heart. It is structured and well planned for the student's benefit. Furthermore, Online Trading Academy is like a platform for students to build on top for infinite. Life partnership between students and Online Trading Academy is very memorable and says a lot about Online Trading Academy. I feel very confident to know that Online Trading Academy is there for me in various ways. For instance, various support elements; XLTs, Hour with the Pros, video lessons, Live Trading Radio, Hot Pro Picks, Power Trader Nation, Trader's Dashboard and MasterMind Community. Online Trading Academy is a well planned fast track program for student's present and future income and long term wealth. This is a win, win situation.”

“For someone not to attend these classes at and trade would be like walking around blind. You might as well have your seeing eye dog as your stock analyst.”

“The information was a bit overwhelming but I felt confident that the staff would answer any of my questions as many times as I needed them answered. I also felt fully supported and that the staff and teacher's goal was for me to be successful. I also like knowing that I can retake if needed.”


“Online Trading Academy was more than I expected.”

“Great facility and staff.”

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