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Steve Moses has been an active options trader since 2004, when he was dragged to a trading workshop by his wife. Once he learned to trade, options immediately became his preferred strategy. Both the leverage, as well as the ability to profit regardless of what direction the markets were moving, are what attracted Steve to options.

Steve also has a passion for teaching others how learning to trade options can increase their ability to profit in the market. As a non-financial professional, he knows how intimidating it can be for some students sitting in class, because it wasn't that long ago he sat in the same seats as an Online Trading Academy student. Now that he is an Instructor, Steve takes pride in making sure every student not only learns about how options work, and the different strategies, but that they have fun in the process.

Power Trader Nation Mastermind Instructor


  • Degree in Theatre
  • Actor for top regional theatres, including Broadway
  • Worked in magazine publishing in advertising sales, sales training and sales management roles


  • US Markets


  • Mastermind Community
  • Options


  • Power Trading Radio guest


  • New Jersey, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Very informative and interactive training program. Excellent Instructor who provided his own perspective but also could put himself in our shoes.”

, February 2017

“Steve Moses enlightened us with key Options Commandments and Rules of the Road in an entertaining and informative manner.”

, February 2017

“As Moses tried to lead us to the Promised Land, he had more patience than Jobe. He did an excellent job and in my opinion was the most dynamic instructor I've encountered so far: attendance was 100% all the way through 'with enthusiastic students'.”

, January 2017

“Steve Moses is a downright awesome instructor. As someone who currently earns their money from being at the front of the room instructing students, I'd say Steve has it all. He manages to explain a deep and complex subject in simple terms. Not only does he keep it simple and straight forward but he uses humor and his fun personality in his delivery to keep everyone attentive. I highly recommend this class.”

, December 2016

“Wow! Steve is great. His experience, stories and examples as well as repetition are so helpful. OTA is everything and more of what I expected.”

, December 2016

“I really enjoyed the training. The course information is so detailed and very hands on. Steve Moses was great. Very engaging and positive attitude. Very helpful and made sure the information was understood.”

, December 2016
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