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As a Registered Representative with Charles Schwab & Co. Inc., Scott McCormick was involved in assisting clients execute equity and equity option trades.

In 2001, Scott began swing trading equities and equity options. After some losses, and making what appeared to be common investing mistakes, Scott decided to educate himself about technical analysis. During his studies through the Market Technicians Association, Scott found the world of Forex trading which was quickly added to his portfolio.

During his time as a Financial Consultant, Scott helped high net worth clients strategize, implement, and manage equity, mutual fund, and bond portfolios. When the bear market of 2007-2008 hit, Scott quickly realized that his investment philosophy did not match that of the financial services industry; leading him in 2009, to the opportunity to begin a career as an Instructor.

In his classes at Online Trading Academy, Scott teaches his students the use of technical analysis to identify high probability trading opportunities controlled with proper risk management.

  • Power Trader Nation


  • Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • FINRA series 7, 63 and 66
  • Charted Market Technician designation
  • Member of the Market Technicians Association, Society of Market Technicians
  • Affiliate of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute
  • Level I CFA Candidate
  • Contributor at speaking engagements throughout the greater Washington D.C. area
  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest


Washington DC, USA

What Students Are Saying

“He is great. He goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is on the same page and provides easy to understand examples of things that are more difficult to understand for some. Good communicator, good listener. Really can't think of anything but positive things to say. I am glad I got to end up in his class after his 3 years away from Chicago.”

, August 2017

“Scott is an expert with diverse experience in the financial industry. His best quality is his patience with the students and his consistency in delivering the material. He also projects his voice very well- as good as anyone I have been around. He is loud but not in an obnoxious way... easy to understand, commands your attention, and the voice is radio quality.”

, August 2017

“If you could clone him, I would do it!! He effectively can teach all levels and learning styles. This is very, very rare indeed. He taught to the needs of the class, rather than to his own preferences. The stories and personalization and word pictures of the concepts are extremely engaging and they will stick with me, for sure.”

, August 2017

“The instructor knows his material about the market. He also knows how to evaluate the market level knowledge of the student in his class. He uses common life examples to illustrate complex processes. He gave 2 to 3 possible resources for more information.”

, July 2017

“Scott was absolutely excellent in teaching the Core Strategy. He made the class content very easy to follow, was always available to answer questions raised during the presentation of the course material, and always was willing to stop what he was covering in order to clarify doubts. He was always respectful of the students, and was very well organized regarding the time frame for each training section. It is easy to see that he has great command and knowledge of the subject matter. His style of teaching attributes to how we should in turn be thorough.”

, July 2017

“Scott McCormick, my instructor at OTA's introductory class, Core Strategy, took a very complex subject and made it very simple to understand. Trading the stock market is no easy task, but the rewards can be very profitable. Scott was a very patient teacher, methodical, and very knowledgeable in all lines of the financial markets, which made me enjoy the class and learn new techniques that will improve my trades.”

, July 2017

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