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Scott Chrisan brings a classic financial services background to his role as an Online Trading Academy instructor. He earned a degree in finance and worked at several major Wall Street institutions before beginning to trade in 2000. This experience “on the other side of the trade” helps him expose the tactics of professional investors so his students can avoid novice mistakes.

Scott specializes in Equities and his classes provide an updated view of how common stocks trade today. He believes the most important requirement is to understand the risk vs. reward equation for any trade and to follow a trading plan for execution.

Scott still day trades on an active basis so he puts his own money on the line as he helps students identify the best low-risk, high potential opportunities based on our supply and demand strategy. He thinks people are the most important asset of Online Trading Academy and was pleased to be invited to join as an instructor in 2014.


  • BSB - Finance, University of Minnesota, Magna Cum Laude
  • Worked for Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup and on the trading floor of the CBOT for Prudential Bache
  • Began trading at a proprietary equities firm in 2000


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Series 7 license
  • held Series 55, 63 and Series 24
  • Former owner of a PHLX broker dealer


  • New Jersey, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Scott was an excellent instructor. He made the course very enjoyable. He gave us a step by step guide to follow for making and evaluating trades. I would highly recommend any beginner to take his course.”

, November 2016

“I am so glad to meet this instructor who is friendly to every student. I love he is so thoughtful for students and providing us the very useful and practical real trades for students own understanding, and figuring out what is right and what is wrong on their trades. I love the trading practice.”

, November 2016

“Scott is the best of the very best!!! His response to questions, you can really trade the ideas. His thinking can save traders out of many troubles. Market can be brutal. His thinking and the steps to follow, makes trading a process I can enjoy day by day, every day. The systematic approach of the thinking process that Scott introduced to me is priceless. I hope Scott comes back to Los Angeles often.”

, November 2016

“The General showed he was totally knowledgeable of the material and guided the class though the breath of information he had to go though in such a fast paced class. By Friday I was finally ingesting enough of the system to feel comfortable to make positive decisions in my trading. Thanks Scott.”

, October 2016

“Scott "The General" is a natural born teacher. He has the methodology of a professional teacher, never losing the rhythm, focus or control of the class. He transitions through lessons smoothly yet gets to answer all questions that may arise or effectively postpones questions that will be covered at later time. He is also very energetic, passionate about the course, knowledgeable, entertaining, yet stern about the important points he wants you to remember and learn.”

, October 2016

“My wife and I are very pleased with Scott Chrisan. He is an amazing instructor. He continually gave us his best advice so that we could become successful traders. He showed us what worked for him over the years that he has been trading and also told us stories about what had not worked so well. Encouraging us so that we would not repeat those same mistakes. We felt that he cared for us and wanted all of us to become as successful at trading as we possibly could.”

, October 2016
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