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Reginald Ringgold is a financial services professional with 11 years of background across diverse sectors of the industry. He has been a full-time trader for several years in the U.S., European and Asian markets. He has deep experience analyzing the financial markets in order to identify low risk/high reward opportunities whether for scalping, day, swing or position trading.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Reginald maintains that the key to success is strict adherence to a proven trading methodology, defined rules, tight risk management and a positive approach and mental attitude regardless of account size, experience or the asset class one trades. He believes that “when trading the markets, one must be rigid in their rules but flexible in their expectations.”

Students who are fortunate enough to have Reginald as their instructor will not only get excellent instruction and energy, but the chance to learn from someone that is truly passionate about the financial markets.


  • Has been trading since 2004
  • Former trader and Forex instructor at a proprietary trading firm


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Futures


  • Author of the Billionaire's Business Blueprint, a guide to help small business owners start and grow their business


California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The instructor is truly worth "GOLD" when it comes to his wealth of knowledge, presentation skills and management style. A+++ across the board. Thank you, OTA. R. Ringgold has changed my "whole" outlook on counter-party risk management. I look forward to following him in the future!!!”

, March 2017

“Reggie is extraordinary!! He had us on the edge of our seats and wishing we didn't have to go on break! If I have to take forex again, I will ONLY take it with Reggie!”

, March 2017

“Wow! Just plain, Wow! I have never ever been so excited to go to school and learn. Reginald Ringgold is an absolute gem! His knowledge, preparation, skill set, and personality are all quintessential to teaching! I was mesmerized the first day, didn't want the day to end and was eager to be back in class the next morning. I absolutely cannot wait for the next time I can take an asset class from him!”

, February 2017

“Reginald is a brilliant instructor and genuinely concerned with his student's progress throughout the course. He didn't hold anything back and I would gladly fly over to see him and listen in on his mastery of the Forex market. THANKS again to OTA for having this caliber of instructor on our team.”

, February 2017

“This was an excellent subject matter instructor who went above and beyond to share and dissimilate information to benefit all of the students present. I got the impression that he really cared about our financial well being and if we really understood and got the information that was being offered. He correlated a lot of topics that were related to forex trading and the markets that I feel that we otherwise would not be privy to. Thanks!”

, January 2017

“Reggie is brilliant and connects well with the class. Very engaging. He can make even the driest material seem interesting.”

, January 2017

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