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Reginald Ringgold is a financial services professional with 11 years of background across diverse sectors of the industry. He has been a full-time trader for several years in the U.S., European and Asian markets. He has deep experience analyzing the financial markets in order to identify low risk/high reward opportunities whether for scalping, day, swing or position trading.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Reginald maintains that the key to success is strict adherence to a proven trading methodology, defined rules, tight risk management and a positive approach and mental attitude regardless of account size, experience or the asset class one trades. He believes that “when trading the markets, one must be rigid in their rules but flexible in their expectations.”

Students who are fortunate enough to have Reginald as their instructor will not only get excellent instruction and energy, but the chance to learn from someone that is truly passionate about the financial markets.


  • Has been trading since 2004
  • Former trader and Forex instructor at a proprietary trading firm


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Futures


  • Author of the Billionaire's Business Blueprint, a guide to help small business owners start and grow their business


  • California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The class has been one of my most enlightening forex experiences. Reginald cuts straight to the point and is very hands on with examples, hand-outs and real life examples. In my OTA experience, he has been the most practical, realistic, animated, straight-shot instructor I've come across at OTA. I know that after this week I will certainly be trading FX thanks to the very rigid rules Reginald has instilled.”

, October 2016

“Instructor, Reginald Ringgold, really gives you knowledge for the Forex market. Reginald is very passionate when he gives the material, he pours his heart and soul into this class. Classroom success keeps Reginald's Smile big and bright. I am very grateful and thankful for his kindness and patience these last 5 days and enjoyed our time in class. Thank You!”

, August 2016

“Phenomenal!!! Thank you Reggie; I learned so much from this class. I feel like I AM now a Professional FOREX trader.”

, August 2016

“Reggie is an inspiration to OTA. He has so many tools to teach and is knowledgeable in his craft. His training technique is excellent for the young students and old alike. He has patience for those who do not get it and the ability to filter them in to learn with those who understand. Enjoyed Reggie not only as an instructor but friend. The practical experience was truly professional and he made it easy to learn.”

, August 2016

“Reginald is extremely knowledgeable. He is very generous in sharing his knowledge, his time and his resources with us. He is very organized, straight to the point, friendly and funny. One of the best instructors I have had in my life.”

, July 2016

“Instructor, Reginald, is one of the best instructor I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I learned so much that will help get me sharper as a trader and take me to my next level. Thank you so much OTA, for this. Reginald is open and approachable. I trust his knowledge, skill base as well as his documented experience from life and the markets. He has an ability to connect to his students on an amazing level when explaining examples. I am so happy I came to class this week.”

, July 2016
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