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Marc Katz brings a unique perspective to Online Trading Academy as former managing director of Lehman Brothers’ and Bank of America’s debt capital markets risk solutions groups. He has extensive daily experience in the management of complex financing arrangements as well as fixed income trading.

As an Instructor, Marc shares his inside knowledge of debt transactions for some of America’s leading companies; including taxable and tax exempt investment, leasing, private placements and hybrid securities. His students will gain knowledge not only of trading, but how large institutions plan their deals.

Marc achieved his success in the financial community through hard work and diligent attention to the details. He encourages all his Online Trading Academy students to develop the same focus as he shares his passion for the markets.


  • MBA, Finance, Northwestern University
  • Managing Director, Lehman Brothers and Bank of America
  • Loan Origination and Underwriting Officer, Credit Lyonnais and PNC Financial Corp.


  • US Markets


  • Wealth Management


  • Founder and Managing Member, Aesalon Capital Management LLC
  • General partner, Aesalon Funds


Illinois, USA

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