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OTA was exactly what my sister and I were looking for. We knew very little about making money through investing and absolutely nothing about trading. OTA breaks down the concepts of trading into easily digestable pieces and provides an overabundance of online trading resources in addition to classroom training. I found OTA staff to be very friendly and supportive. My sister and I not only gained access to information and training that will assist in meeting our financial goals but made a new friend.

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Years of trading experience among our instructors

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I have often said that one of the unrecognized, or at the very least, underappreciated, yet truly valuable benefits of enrolling in an OTA education is the exposure to and availability of more than 100 instructors... Each of them takes their years of knowledge and skills and adds them like a spice or seasoning to OTA's core strategy to help every student become a more successful (i.e. profitable) trader, and that's definitely true of Jerry Baldwin's Futures class. The benefits of what I learned this week in Jerry's class are overwhelming and jaw dropping, saving me years upon years of trial and error work and, more importantly, trading losses. Thank you, Jerry and thank you, OTA!

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