OTA Arizona Radio Shows

Each week on “Next Week in Stocks” and “The Right Side of the Trade” we discuss the issues that are vital to you and your money from both macro and micro perspectives. We focus on issues you won't hear about anywhere else; issues that can help prepare you to both protect your money and profit, not just react after the fact. Check out “Next Week in Stocks” and “The Right Side of the Trade” on these fine stations:

Online Trading Academy Radio Show Broadcast Schedule
Day Time Station
Monday 4-5pm 1010 KXXT
Tuesday 10-11am 1100 KFNX
Tuesday 1-2pm Money Radio 1510 KFNN
Tuesday 1-2pm Money Radio 105.3 (FM) KFNN
Tuesday 1-2pm 1100 KFNX
Wednesday 11am-12pm 1100 KFNX
Thursday 1-2pm 1100 KFNX
Saturday 6-7am 550 KFYI
Saturday 10-11am 1360 KPXQ
Saturday 12-1pm Money Radio 1510 KFNN
Saturday 12-1pm Money Radio 105.3 (FM) KFNN
Saturday 12-1pm 960 KKNT
Saturday 1-2pm 550 KFYI
Saturday 3-4PM 1100 KFNX
Sunday 4-5am 550 KFYI
Sunday 9-10am 92.3 (FM) KTAR
Sunday 11-12pm 960 KKNT
Sunday 11-12am 1360 KPXQ
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