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David A. Stockman on Power Trading Radio

David A. Stockman appears on Power Trading Radio with John O'Donnell to discuss his latest book which is #8 on the New York Times best sellers list The Corruption of Capitalism in America. David and John go into great detail about the current monetary policy and how the current political figures seem to have their backs against a wall. David was elected as a Michigan congressman in 1976 and joined the Reagan White House in 1981. Serving as budget director, he was one of the key architects of the Reagan Revolution. He joined Salomon Brothers in 1985 and later became one of the early partners of the Blackstone Group. During nearly two decades at Blackstone and at a firm he founded, Stockman was a private equity investor. Stockman attended Michigan State University and Harvard Divinity School and went to Washington as a congressional aide in 1970.


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